Why Should Christians Consider Fostering?

Why Should Christians Consider Fostering?
Jamie Ivey

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So I think it's a very unique opportunity that we have as believers when we open up our home to kids who are in the foster care system. Number one, we're getting to expose them to a family environment that they obviously had not had before because they're in the foster care system for some reason or another. We're also giving them an opportunity to hear the gospel. It may be one of the only times they hear the gospel, is they might get to hear that with the family. I think, too, if we're going to be a people, Christians, the church, if we're going to be for all kinds of different things that we want to help with whether that be trafficking or adoption or foster care or kids getting low grades in schools.

A lot of that can be helped through being foster parents. A lot of kids who end up being trafficked, they were in the foster care system. So what would've happened if they would've ended up in a home where people love them and show them the gospel? I think it's a really great opportunity for believers to step and be a part of that.

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