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'Please Pray for My Wife': Pastor Tony Evans Asks for Prayer after His Wife's Cancer Returns

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2019 Apr 03

Pastor and author Tony Evans asked for prayer on Tuesday as he announced that his wife, Lois Evans, has again been diagnosed with cancer.

In an Instagram post, Evans shared that his wife – who had been cancer free for some time – recently found out, during a routine scan, that her gallbladder cancer had returned. 

Evans wrote, “Friends, Please pray for my wife, Lois. Lois has been a cancer-free patient under care for a while. However, her last routine scan revealed that her rare gallbladder cancer has returned.”

He continued asking “God to intervene” as he and his family continue their “search for an effective treatment.”

Evans assured his followers that he and his family will be leaning on God through this difficult time. Hw wrote, “We are going to trust God in the dark for a solution, and we are asking you to fervently pray to that end.”

According to Evans' post, the news of his wife’s diagnosis was “shocking."

“I’m sure this news about Lois is shocking,” Evans began. “It is shocking to us too. In recent days, we have had quite a bit on us as a family as you know.” 

The Christian Post reports that Evans was referring to the sudden and unexpected losses last year of his niece Wynter Pitts and his brother.

The combination of all of these things, Evans said, has been testing his faith in ways he “never expected.”

The Megachurch pastor wrote, “My faith is being tested in a way I’ve never experienced… but I trust God. I choose to believe — our whole family is choosing to believe that, even now, He knows what He is doing,” he continued.

“Even during these uncertain times, we are strengthened by the joy of the Lord. We know that we will be strengthened also by the prayers of the saints in the days to come,” Evans proclaimed.

The Megachurch Pastor concluded by asking everyone to bear with him as answers are slowly revealed to him and his family.

“I’m sure you have questions,” he wrote. “This news is fresh and we don’t have many answers to give. We will keep you updated as we can. But as you wait — while we wait — we are asking for your prayers,” he concluded.

Check out Tony Evans’ Instagram page to stay updated on his wife’s condition.

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