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Inside Afghanistan - Book Review

<i>Inside Afghanistan</i> - Book Review

Author:     John Weaver
Publisher: W Publishing Group

Inside Afghanistan awakens a genuine sense of compassion for the Afghan people as human beings made by God rather than the faceless enemies they seem to be to some Americans.  The book is written by John Weaver, a relief worker who stayed behind in the war-torn country after others evacuated in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America.  Weaver’s commitment to help Afghans is rooted in his commitment to serve Christ, no matter where He leads.  And while most readers have probably never followed God’s call into such dangerous and impoverished circumstances, Weaver’s experiences have great power to inspire them.

The book’s vivid descriptions of ministry efforts such as distributing food and building mud huts are captivating.  It doesn’t take long for readers to root for Weaver and his team as they try to serve others in the face of overwhelming needs brought on by Afghanistan’s civil war and a host of natural disasters.  The enormity of the problems Afghans face is sometimes so poignant that it’s enough to move readers to tears.  But Weaver breaks that emotional impact too often in the narrative by writing unnecessarily about the logistical details of his work.  Reading about how he coordinated tasks or recruited help is rather extraneous; what holds readers’ interest are the stories he tells.

That’s because the book provides a much-needed glimpse into the lives of Afghanistan’s people--people who God created and wants others to care about.  Weaver is refreshingly honest when he points out that Christians can learn from Muslims without compromising the truth of Christ.  The frequent prayer and dedication to purity of many Muslims is something to which God calls Christians, but that too many neglect.  And Weaver’s passionate service to those in need is another calling for Christians.  Inside Afghanistan successfully inspires Christians everywhere to answer that call.

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