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MovieMission.com Launches in Support of Quality Films

  • Laura MacCorkle Senior Editor for Fun
  • 2002 20 Nov
MovieMission.com Launches in Support of Quality Films

For those who don't think Hollywood pays attention the movie going habits of evangelical America, MovieMission.com has just the ticket.  Launched earlier this month by Grace Hill Media, MovieMission.com's main mission is to provide unified forum for Christians to send a message to Hollywood and encourage movie studios to improve the quality of entertainment.

"The prospect of not only improving the quality of Hollywood films, but also utilizing great films to change the heart of America is what makes MovieMission such an exciting endeavor, worth of the support of all Christians," shares Jonathan Bock, president of Grace Hill Media.

"Movie grosses speak to the studios," he explains, "and by simply going to the movies we will change the way Hollywood views us, as well as the types of films they make."

According to Bock, if even just 5 percent of churchgoers attended a movie premiere on one weekend, it would affect box office grosses by $40 to 50 million.  MovieMission asks its members to commit to attending one movie opening per month.  The inaugural movie for members to attend this month is The Emperor's Club (Universal Pictures), which releases November 22, 2002.  Starring Kevin Kline and based on the short story "The Palace Thief" by Ethan Canin, The Emperor's Club tells the story of an all-boys school headmaster named William Hundert (Kline) who challenges his students to live their lives with conviction and purpose.

"We're immensely proud of this film that manages to be very entertaining, while at the same time saying something important about the need for ethics, integrity, and character in our lives," says Jeffrey Sakson, senior vice president of publicity for Universal Pictures.  "We're honored that MovieMission has chosen to lend its support to The Emperor's Club.

For more information about MovieMission.com and how you can change culture, visit www.moviemission.com.