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Beautifully Told Beautiful Mind Triumphs

Beautifully Told <I>Beautiful Mind</I> Triumphs
A Beautiful Mind – PG-13

Best for: Adults who can handle the complicated themes and plot twists.

What it’s about: At Princeton, John Forbes Nash Jr. (Russell Crowe) is a handsome and highly eccentric mathematical genius, a pioneer in the field of game theory and the envy of his fellow students.

After Nash invents the theory that will eventually win him the Nobel Prize, he advances to a highly respected position at MIT. He meets his future wife, Alicia (Jennifer Connelly), but soon after they are married, John’s life takes a drastic turn. A government agent (Ed Harris) asks him to secretly decode articles revealing a dangerous Russian conspiracy.

John’s secret work is discovered, and the truth about who he is and what he knows nearly destroys his life.

The good: This is a beautifully told story, with an Oscar-worthy performance by Crowe. I wish audiences could see this movie as I did, without any previous knowledge of the story, experiencing the full impact of the film.

Director Ron Howard brings us the true story of a man who in 1994 received the Nobel Prize in Economic Science for "pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games." Howard skillfully weaves together humor, intellect, drama, intrigue and shocking reality. Interesting camera angles, visual effects and zoom lenses allow the audience to see Nash’s mathematical mind at work.

Math was never my best subject, but Howard makes it fascinating. The movie also delivers a tender love story of a marriage that weathers incredible storms of mental and psychological tests, yet still manages to survive.

The story has a happy ending, making this a fascinating, inspirational story for teenagers and adults alike.

The not-so-good: Cruel treatment of patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia is depicted. Several scenes involve college men drinking, smoking and using somewhat strong language. A car chase includes scenes of gunfire. A car full of men plunges into a river.

Offensive language: There are a couple of scenes with dialogue about having sex, numerous mild obscenities and scatological terms, a couple of religious profanities and several religious exclamations.

Sexual Situations: One scene shows the married couple in bed (with clothes on), but no sexual situation takes place.

Violence: Men shoot at each other during a car chase scene. One scene shows a man digging into his bloody arm.

Parental advisory: I was enthralled with this movie. The story, dealing with schizophrenia, is emotional but fascinating, with a happy ending. Take your mature teens to see this movie and discuss the positive attributes of overcoming a devastating illness and continuing to live a successful life afterward. This is an inspiring movie, but it’s not for children or pre-teens.