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Kung Pow!: How Low Can They Go?

<I>Kung Pow!</I>: How Low Can They Go?

Kung Pow!: Enter the Fist - PG-13

Best for: I can't think of anyone who should waste their money on this movie.

What it's about: Writer-director Steve Oedekerk (The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls) also stars in a new style of martial arts film that dubs his altered dialogue over footage from a 1970s martial arts picture. The story is loosely about "The Chosen One" (Oedekerk), who seeks to avenge the death of his parents by killing kung fu legend Master Pain. Jennifer Tung, Tad Horino, Philip Tan also star.

The good: I can't think of one moment that was good in this film. It has a few crude and perversely humorous moments, but none that I would call good.

The not-so-good: Oedekerk has taken a lame story and added his own characters and side-plots to it. The result is a bizarre and insulting movie, with numerous annoying scenes. Oedekerk fights a cow martial arts-style (yes he fights a cow), and as the two punch and kick each other, the cow head-butts Oedekerk and sprays him with milk; Oedekerk then bites the cow's udders and milks the cow dry. A man swings a sword at an infant, cutting off his diaper; the baby then urinates on the man's face. A man sticks out his tongue, (which happens to be really long) and wraps it around a spaceship floating in the air. A woman pours lemon juice, salt and mercury on a man's bloody hands to toughen him up. It's implied that two men are punished by having a fist inserted in their back sides and ... well I needn't go on - you get the horrendous idea.

Offensive language: A couple of sexual references along with numerous anatomical terms, mild obscenities and one religious exclamation.

Sexual situations: A woman wears a low-cut top, and we see a third breast in the center of her chest. Several women are in their underwear. During a fight a man pulls another man's pants down, revealing his boxer shorts. A man and woman fight with their tongues. Lots of bathroom humor.

Violence: Since this is a martial arts movie every other scene has a fight, or wounded, bloody people. A man punches a hole through a man's stomach; another has 10 bloody eyeballs on the tips of his fingers after hitting five men. A man has jumper cables attached to him and is shocked. Master Pain hits an infant's father then tries to kill the infant, but the infant fights the man and his two companions with punches and kicks. Master Pain then sets the house on fire, and we hear that the family inside was killed. We watch a wounded man, woman and dog die, but they come back to life. A woman sets a man's hands on fire. A woman tries to kick a man several times but is blocked. A man is slammed into a wall, and we see a big bloody mark.

Parental advisory: Spare your kids, teenagers and yourselves from this waste of time and money! There are too many rude and crude scenes for impressionable kids to watch, and it's too juvenile for adults to watch.

Bottom line: This is about as low as Hollywood can go!