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The One Is Quite a Kick

  • Holly McClure Movie Reviewer
  • 2001 16 Nov
<I>The One</I> Is Quite a Kick

The One - PG-13

Best for: Mature teens to adults who appreciate Li

What it's about: Jet Li plays a man who has figured out how to travel to parallel universes, acquire the energy from his other 123 selves and become the most powerful being in the universe.

The good: If you're a Jet Li fan (and I am), you'll enjoy seeing his improved acting and English as well as his creative talents for making martial arts look easy. The stunts and special effects are very cutting edge and add another level to "fight scenes." Delroy Lindo also stars.

The not-so-good: Lots of martial arts action and fight scenes as well as gun violence. People are transported through "worm holes" to get to alternate universes. They crumble into small pieces, swirl around, shoot straight up into the atmosphere and scream in pain (we see this happen several times).

Offensive language: Mild obscenities and one religious profanity

Sexual situations: None

Violence: Lots of gun violence between the cops and the bad guys, as well as Li's trademark fight scenes.

Parental advisory: Because of the amount of violence in the storyline, this movie is more for mature teenagers who can handle that element and enjoy the marital arts action.