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WWJD: The Journey Continues Asks Good Questions but Runs Out of Steam

<i>WWJD: The Journey Continues</i> Asks Good Questions but Runs Out of Steam

Release Date: March 31, 2015 (available for viewing online via Vimeo On Demand)
Rating: All audiences
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 1 hour 34 minutes
Director: Gabriel Sabloff
Cast: John Schneider, Lorenzo Lamas, Mike C. Manning, Brady Hender, Peter Sebastian Wrobell

I can remember when WWJD bracelets first became popular. I was in my early teens and mainstream Christian culture was just beginning to stretch its wings. While other kids were sporting slap bracelets or experimenting with unisex jewelry, WWJD bracelets were THE fashion accessory for the young, hip Christian. They were our badge of honor, a way of announcing our faith to the world while simultaneously asking that ever-important question: What would Jesus do? As is the case with all fads though, the WWJD movement eventually ran out of steam, and has since gone the way of the Beanie Babies.

Much like its bracelet namesake, WWJD: The Journey Continues, which is a sequel of sorts to the 2010 film What Would Jesus Do?, asks some worthwhile questions. The film opens with a young pastor named Joseph Beardsley (Peter Sebastian Wrobell) saying goodbye to his dying mother. Despite his loss, and the presence of his wayward brother, Joseph is determined to serve the Lord wherever he can. His passion leads him to an old church in a troubled neighborhood, which Joseph believes can be set right by the power of the gospel. However, when tragedy strikes, a grieving Joseph finds himself questioning everything he's ever believed about God.

Intertwining with Joseph's story are teen brothers Nick and Matt (Mike C. Manning and Brady Hender), and a mysterious drifter played by John Schneider. For the two troubled teenagers, the church becomes an unlikely sanctuary, while the drifter proves wiser in the ways of God than most would have guessed. Their stories all come together in an uplifting (if somewhat predictable) twist ending that reminds the viewer to follow God and have faith. For a Christian parent looking for something to watch with the kids, WWJD: The Journey Continues will certainly fit the bill. The movie is family-friendly, teaches valuable lessons about faith, and offers some useful talking points for later.

There’s certainly nothing to complain about here, but nothing really stands out either. The acting is average, the story is average, and the music is average. The film leaves but a shallow indentation upon soul and mind, one that will likely disappear with the arrival of the next thing.

That said, WWJD: The Journey Continues remains a positive, encouraging film about God and the gospel that Christian audiences will likely enjoy during the 90 minutes they're watching it. WWJD: The Journey Continues is currently streaming on Vimeo at a special price, and can be accessed by clicking this link.

CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers):

  • Drugs/Alcohol: Joseph's brother drinks liquor, as do a few other characters. Some cigarette smoking.
  • Language/Profanity: None
  • Sex/nudity: Premarital sex is discussed, but the girl decides to wait for marriage.
  • Violence: A robber breaks into a church. A man is shot and killed. A boy throws a rock at a man. A group of young men beat up the drifter and threaten the brothers.
  • Spiritual themes: The running theme of the movie is the question itself: What Would Jesus Do? Pastor Joseph describes Hell to the troubled brothers; lots of talk about forgiveness and repentance; several people choose to give their life to God.

Publication date: March 18, 2015