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15 Questions with Hawk Nelson

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  • 2009 19 Jan
15 Questions with Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson answers YOUR questions …

1. jesuschick247 asks:  So guys, what is your favorite thing to do while you are traveling on the road in your bus? Do you listen to music, play Xbox? How do you have fun while you are having to ride all over the country giving concerts?

Jason Dunn:  In my spare time on the road, particularly after a show, I like to play NHL Hitz for Playstation. Justin [Benner, drums] and I have developed quite a rivalry!

2. Hnismyfriend asks:  Are you ever going to do another song featuring Trevor McNevan [Thousand Foot Krutch]? I really like "Racecar," and Jason and Trevor sound awesome together.

Jason:  Probably not [Laughs]! It was a lot of fun, however!

3. Bexx asks:  [What] was it like working with Amy Grant?

Jason:  Working with Amy Grant was definitely a dream come true! I would never have imagined that five years ago!

4. HelloLove!!! asks:  Would you ever consider doing a duet with Stellar Kart? That would be awesome!

Jason:  I never really thought about it! Probably not, but if they asked me to I totally would!

5. valarem asks:  How did you guys meet, and what does your name mean?

Jason:  We met while in high school. We all played in different bands growing up and eventually formed Hawk Nelson (There is zero meaning behind the name. I made it up for a video game character when I was 14).

6. giggles56 asks:  Out of all the songs you have performed, is there one that has a lot of meaning for you or is special to your heart?

Jason:  All these songs are songs from our hearts, but currently our song “One Little Miracle” has meant the most to me. After our experiences visiting sick children and their families at Ronald McDonald houses across the country, having the opportunity to be one little miracle to someone in need has really inspired and motivated me to do more.

7. koolerbabe asks:  With all of the places that you go and the people that you meet on a daily basis, how do you remember so many of your fans?

Jason:  It's a tough task, but these are the people that are giving me the motivation every morning to wake up and want to keep playing music. It's impossible to forget people who have that big of an impact on my life.

8. 2sarah1 asks:  How do you keep up with God when you are always so busy on the road? I have a hard time just doing it staying at home.

Jason:  Knowing that the Creator of the universe cares about me makes it pretty easy! I don't deserve to know Him! He doesn't have to love me, but He does; and I am forever grateful.

9. batgirl_begins asks:  Do you ever have fights or arguments with each other while on the road, and is it hard to sing together in front of an audience when there is tension between bandmates?

Jason:  We are a family! Growing up with brothers and sisters when I was younger was amazing. We had times though when we wanted to kill each other. That's what family is! I'm sure sometimes I'm so annoying, but we all love each other like brothers, and if there ever is tension, it'll only last a few minutes.

10. mollyrock asks:  What kind of car do you drive?

Jason:  I drive a BMW, but my ideal choice of transportation is my sweet red rocket. It's a scooter, and it's perfect for in-town driving. I prefer it over my car (except in the winter)!

11. jasondunnismyfriend asks:  Do you ever want to come and just hang out with all your fans and just party? Maybe go to the mall or just hang out with fans?

Jason:  Absolutely! Just let me know when and where, and I'll see if it fits my schedule!

12. mrsjasondunn asks:  What's the craziest/best fan experience you've ever had?

Jason:  I can't think of one particular story. There have been plenty though!

13. fluffmonkey asks:  Do you have Bible studies with your band and maybe with other bands?

Jason:  Yes! We try our hardest to make it our main priority to study the Word of God every day on the road. Sometimes it gets monotonous, and we can't all get together, so sometimes we'll have to just do devotions individually.

14. MyGodIsEnough asks:  How do you come up with your album titles? You have some creative ones. Do you always try to incorporate a meaning into the title that is reflective of the album's theme?

Jason:  Yes! We always have a theme before we go into the creative process. The titles usually just fall into place naturally after all is said and done.

15. hannahlilracecar asks:  What is the heart and the purpose behind what you do everyday?

Jason:  Our heart and our purpose is to be like Jesus.

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