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Affecting the World With Compassion

  • 1999 28 Jan
Affecting the World With Compassion
"I can't think of a better way to thank God for the miracle of salvation than to share that hope and life with a child in Jesus' name. My friends at Compassion International know that this life is about receiving God's mercy and giving that mercy away. They do exactly that with unwavering integrity and a deep passion for seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ take root in a hurting child's life. It's a privilege to have shared in their ministry for the past 15 years."
Randy Stonehill

Celebrate the Compassion Difference!

Twenty years after the launch of Compassion International's music program, scores of Christian artists have taken the cause of impoverished children as their own. To date, over 130,000 Compassion child sponsorships can be directly attributed to the dedication of concert presentations as having influenced their decision to sponsor.

But even more striking are the stories of artists and their sponsored children. {{Phil Keaggy}}, for instance, has sponsored Arlene in the Philippines and Edric in Haiti for several years. His visits to Compassion-assisted projects in several countries have prompted him to write numerous songs about walking in discipleship through advocacy of the poor. In a recent song, "Don't Pass Them By", he writes:

"Our human need is crying out
As greed eats to the marrow
Do we ignore a suffering world
Just to keep to the straight and narrow . . .?"

In Phil's own words, "Supporting children through Compassion helps my family identify human need as it must be identified: with a human face rather than a statistic. My family knows without question that our neighbors live in places far beyond our street, as we correspond with and pray for Edric and Arlene."

Celebrate the Difference

The difference in the lives of children throughout the world is a reason to rejoice.

Compassion's distinctively Christian approach to child development has brought not only education, health care, and social skills to many thousands of children, it has also brought them a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Compassion's local church partners. Sponsors' lives have changed, too.

Communication between a sponsor and child often re-creates the perspective a sponsor has about materialism and prayer. It deepens empathy for the poor and produces Biblical action in response. For thousands of children and sponsors, the difference can be traced to Christian music.

We think it's a difference worth celebrating.

Celebrate the Children

Artists who have traveled to see Compassion children face to face will tell you that the children whose lives are being changed are the best reason to celebrate their involvement with Compassion. We couldn't agree more. Twenty years of history tells us that Compassion sponsorship and Christian music make a partnership that works.

To find out more about sponsoring a child, click here.

Artists Affiliated with Compassion International:

{{A Cross Between}}
{{Age of Faith}}
{{Amy Grant}}
{{Andrew Peterson}}
{{Ashley Cleveland}}
{{Audio Adrenaline}}
{{Billy & Sarah Gaines}}
{{Brian White & Justice}}
{{Brother's Keeper}}
{{Bruce Carroll}}
{{Caedmon's Call}}
{{Chris Taylor}}
{{Dallas Holm}}
{{Dana Key}}
{{Gary Chapman}}
{{Gary Wright}}
{{Geoff Moore}}
{{Jimmy A}}
{{The Kry}}
{{Lost & Found}}
{{Michael W. Smith}}
{{Mitch McVicker}}
{{Peder Eide}}
{{Phil Keaggy}}
{{Ragamuffin Band}}
{{Randy Stonehill}}
{{Rebecca St. James}}
{{Resurrection Band}}
{{Rich Mullins}}
{{Rick Elias}}
{{Sixpence None the Richer}}
{{Spooky Tuesday}}
{{Susan Ashton}}
{{This Train}}

To find out more about sponsoring a child, click here.

Selected Artists Concert Schedules
(Subject to change)

{{Audio Adrenaline}}
1 Myrtle Beach, SC
9 Seattle, WA
16 Tulsa, OK
22 Texarkana, AR
23 Dallas, TX
24 West Palm Beach, FL
29 Springdale, AR
30 Minneapolis, MN
5 Houston, TX
6 Ocean City, MD
13 Baton Rouge, LA
20 Sacramento, CA
26 Gatlinburg, TN
27 Hampton, VA

{{Bruce Carroll}}
2 Sacramento, CA
3 San Jose, CA
17 Fort Smith, AR

{{Caedmon's Call}}
1 Fort Worth, TX
15 Philadelphia, PA
21 Wingate, NC
22 Jefferson City, TN
23 St. Mary's City, MD
28 Dayton, TN
30 Cincinnati, OH
4 Oxford, OH
11 Knoxville, TN
12 Wilmore, KY
16 Starkville, MS
17 Tuscaloosa, AL
23 Florence, AL
26 Baltimore, MD
27 Woodbridge, VA

{{Dallas Holm}}
14 Austin, TX
15 Marshall, TX
16 Longview, TX
17 Houston, TX
18 Texas City, TX
19 Athens, TX
18 Jackson, TN
19 Tupelo, MS
20 Jackson, MS
22 Alexandria, LA
23 Lafayette, LA

5 Livonia, MI
13 Duluth, GA
14 Duluth, GA

{{The Kry}}
30 Cedarville, OH

{{Lost and Found}}
10 Dearborn, MI
15 Fair Oaks , CA
17 Peoria, AZ
22-24 Harrisburg, PA
24 Lancaster, PA
30 Glasboro, NJ
31 Lincoln Park, NJ
21 Libertyville, IL
22 LaFox, IL
23 Chester, IL
24 Gillett, AR
28 Northern, FL

{{Michael W. Smith}}
25 Huntsville, AL
26 Mobile, AL
27 New Orleans, LA
29 Asheville NC
30 Winston-Salem, NC
2 Columbia, SC
4 Orlando, FL
5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
6 Jacksonville, FL

{{Randy Stonehill}}
29 Lee's Summit, MO
6 Portland, OR

{{Rebecca St. James}}
2 Myrtle Beach, SC
26 St. Louis, MO
5 Birmingham, England
6 London, England
11 Zwolle, Holland
12 Bareneveld, Holland
13 Gouda, Holland
18 Shreveport, LA
19 Irving, TX
23 Farmington, NM
25 Tucson, AZ
26 Phoenix, AZ
27 Pomona, CA

{{Spooky Tuesday}}
21-24 Camp, Mauai, HI
24-30 Northshore Camp, Oahu, HI

{{This Train}}
26 Watauga, TX

To find out more about sponsoring a child, click here .