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Andrew Peterson Chat Transcript

  • 2000 18 Apr
Andrew Peterson Chat Transcript
Fritzpw_Host says, "Thanks again for joining us!!!!! We will be announcing the winner of the Andrew Peterson Baby Taylor Guitar Giveaway at the end of this event! And away we gooo!!!!!!"

from lumberjohn: andy, why the change in song titles from "The Ballad Of Hansberry Brown" to "Love Enough"?

Andrew_Peterson says, "The Ballad of Hansberry Brown was a little bit long...and I didn't want the real Hansberry Brown to beat me up or sue me..."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #130 from csfpa: What is your favorite cut from the new CD? Darrell Combs

Andrew_Peterson says, "Depending on the day, I'd say 'Faith to Be Strong.'"

hmsclhost presents the speaker with question #165 from Gerbenflaaxx:
Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Pepsi."

hmsclhost presents the speaker with question #173 from Music_fan: andy, what's it like being on the road with your two boys??? are you/they having fun???

Andrew_Peterson says, "Lots of diapers. Lots of fun."

Fritzpw_Host says, "LOL"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Do you guys disposable or cloth?"

Andrew_Peterson says, "Disposable. Thank goodness."

Fritzpw_Host imagines Andrew drinking his Pepsi and changing diapers.

Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #185 from JarGirl139: How do you prepare spiritually before a concert?

Andrew_Peterson says, "We usually don't consider the concert any more or less spiritual than changing the diapers. I know that sounds weird, but we try to remember that every minute is as important as the next."

Fritzpw_Host snickers

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #196 from JarGirl139: Who is your greatest musical influence?

Andrew_Peterson says, "My greatest musical influence? Well, I'd say {{Rich Mullins}}, but his influence on me was less musical and more spiritual. Marc Cohn/James Taylor. I guess. "

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #201 from cstortz: What advice would you give the college students out there who are thinking of pursuing a career in music?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Don't. Just kidding."

Andrew_Peterson says, "My only advice would be to try as hard as you can to pursue Christ. If music is a part of that, great. You shouldn't have to force a career in music. If it isn't coming fairly naturally, you might be beating a dead horse."

Andrew_Peterson says, "That doesn't mean that you shouldn't work at it."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #211 from -JOY-: I've heard alot of praise for {{Caedmon's Call}} and {{Bebo Norman}}. I can't wait to get your new cd. Would you mind telling a little about the cd (if it's not too much trouble?)

Andrew_Peterson says, "The cd is pretty dramatic in places, but we tried to maintain the same intimacy we reach for in our concerts."

Andrew_Peterson says, "My independent cd 'Walk' doesn't really sound like what we do live, so we were very conscious of making sure that the cd, while incorporating a whole mess of instruments, was acoustic and intimate."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #221 from AndrewismyFriend: How long did it take to make this CD?

Andrew_Peterson says, "We were actually in the studio for about two months last summer. Lots of fun, lots of work. We'd been dreaming of recording these songs for two years, so it was really gratifying."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #263 from salsa_32: How long have you been involved in the music industry?

Andrew_Peterson says, "About two years. That's with the industry. We were playing music a while before it we ever thought it would be a career."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #268 from JarGirl139: What instruments do you play?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Mainly the guitar. My first love is the piano. There's nothing more satisfying than a giant grand piano in an empty auditorium. I tinker at the mandolin, the charango (the armadillo thingy), the accordion, and this cool thing called an ocarina. The ocarina sounds pretty terrible."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #252 from cstortz:
how can you get started in a music career? i mean you have to have a start somewhere to get it going =)

Andrew_Peterson says, "Play, play, play, play. I started playing wherever people would listen, and sometimes where they wouldn't. Eventually, when the person slated for 'special music' at church got sick, they called me. Make yourself completely available, even if it doesn't sound fun. I met Gabe Scott at a Jr. High all-nighter... Not when we were in Jr. High--I was the entertainment, he was a chaperone..."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #183 from Wolf_WhiteFang: Do you think the violence happening in youth is the coming of the end/beginning?

Andrew_Peterson says, "I don't know that it matters. It's a tragedy. We're called to live our Christianity out with a spirit of expectance of the 'end' anyway, whether kids are violent or not. The apostles thought the end would be in their lifetimes (thank goodness it wasn't, or we wouldn't be here)."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #230 from Wolf_WhiteFang:
Who brought you to Christ or were you raised a Christian?

Andrew_Peterson says, "I was raised a Christian, but I don't really know what that means. I grew up in the church, but I never REALLY knew Christ until I was eighteen or so. Becoming a Christian is a long process in some ways. I was baptized at nine. I repented at about sixteen. Jesus (as far as I can tell) 'came into my heart' at about eighteen. He's still making me a Christian, I guess."

Fritzpw_Host says, "What is the best prank you have ever pulled?"

Andrew_Peterson says, "There are so many..."

Fritzpw_Host is always on the look out for ideas

Andrew_Peterson says, "Thinking..."

Fritzpw_Host looks at Tigger_Host
Fritzpw_Host snickers

Andrew_Peterson says, "The night I left town and had my wife do the online chat for Crosswalk."

Tigger_Host says, "Don't give him ideas Andrew...please!"

Fritzpw_Host says, "hmmmm"
Fritzpw_Host says, "thought your voice sounded a bit feminine"

Andrew_Peterson :-)

Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #358 from TimmyTommy16: You said that the most amazing thing in a person's life is not what they do, but what God does through them. Has this idea affected the way you have gone about your musical career?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Sure. There is freedom in realizing that God cares for you deeply. When you come to terms with the fact that your life is not your own, you open yourself to going wherever the heck God wants you to go. It takes the pressure off, and allows Christ to be what people see in your life. At least that's the goal. Ask a missionary."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #327 from JarGirl139: Do you write lyrics or music first?

Andrew_Peterson says, "It depends. I wish there were more of a formula to songwriting. I don't spit out song after song after song. It's a matter of waiting around for a unique idea or emotion or situation to inspire. Sometimes I have lyrics waiting around for years, and there just isn't music that does them justice. Other times I've got a chord progression but nothing really good to say. Actually, the latter is more often the case."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #364 from cstortz: How did you meet Jaime?

Fritzpw_Host says, "pssst"
Fritzpw_Host says, "Jaime is Andrew's wife"
Fritzpw_Host smiles.

Andrew_Peterson says, "My freshman year of college me and CJ Fluharty wanted to start a band. We needed a piano player... And Jamie was not only a pianist, but was pretty hot, too. So that's how we met. The band, 'Dr. Penguin' was disbanded (thank goodness) after about two weeks, but our friendship developed into marriage a year later. She's great."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #381 from cstortz: How did you ask Jaime to marry you?

Andrew_Peterson says, "When I was in highschool I used to take my guitar down to the lake by my house late at night. It's this old rickety dock with lots of boards missing and the place holds a lot of significance for me. I took her home to where I grew up and asked her while the sun went down out on the lake. 'awwwwww' She said yes." :-)

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #345 from Praizn247: Greatest guitarist of all time..........gimme your top three, Andrew.

Andrew_Peterson says, "Chet Atkins,"
Andrew_Peterson says, "Leo Kottke"
Andrew_Peterson says, "{{Billy Crockett}}"
Andrew_Peterson says, "That's my first three."

Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #426 from Praizn247: What's the worst thing you've ever said in concert and can't believe it ever left your tongue?

Andrew_Peterson says, "I should write a book. Actually the most recent was this last week. I was telling the audience that I went to this really tiny bible college in Florida, that only had about 150 students. Jamie was the only pretty girl there, I said, so it made the choice of who to date pretty easy. Several songs later I recognized a girl in the audience who I went to college with."

Fritzpw_Host laughs out loud.

CloudsHost chuckles in amusement.

Andrew_Peterson says, "The thing is, I didn't even realize that I'd insulted her. Gabe and Jamie had to tell me what I said after the audience."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #395 from Music_fan: What song are you most pleased with, as far as your writing goes???

Andrew_Peterson says, "As far as songwriting craft goes, I'm most pleased lyrically with 'Come, Lord Jesus.' I did a lot of experimenting with rhyme patterns and stuff. Stuff no one will ever catch, most likely. It's for my own enjoyment."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #355 from okimotor: tell us about "Come, Lord Jesus"?

Andrew_Peterson says, "II was in Target in the checkout line looking at a people magazine. In the magazine there was an article on Matthew Shepard, the homosexual who was killed in Montana last year and there was a photo of a woman at his funeral with picket signs that read, 'God hates Fags,' and 'Matt in Hell'. I was shocked. Disturbed. Frustrated. That's where the song was born. I just wished that Jesus would hurry up and come back."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #421 from cstortz: What is one really awesome thing that you have seen God do in your lives as you have trusted Him?

Andrew_Peterson says, "He gave me Aedan and Asher, my two sons. I love them like nothing else on earth."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #433 from TimmyTommy16:
How did Asher get his name? Fritzpw_Host says, "As well as Aedan's?"

Andrew_Peterson says, "Aedan was an Irish saint in the 900's. I read a book by Stephen R. Lawhead called 'Byzantium' about his life. Read it, everybody. It's really inspiring. I've got some Irish in me, so that's why. But Aedan's middle name, Judah, is after a Burmese friend of ours who preaches and teaches there. So we got Asher's name from the bible because Asher was one of Judah's brothers. It means 'Happy.' Which is appropriate. The little guy's constantly grinning."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #418 from JarGirl139: What is the last book you read?

Andrew_Peterson says, "'Addicted to Mediocrity,' by Franky Shaeffer (I don't know if that's spelled right) the son of Francis Schaffer, the Christian philosopher. Basically, this guy, Franky, who's a ph.d, filmmaker, artist, and writer. I am sick of the way Christianity in general puts up with the fact that it produces lousy music, lousy television, lousy movies (except for {{Veggie Tales}}, in my opinion)"

Fritzpw_Host LOVES VeggieTales
Fritzpw_Host smiles.

Andrew_Peterson says, "when only a few hundred years ago the church SET THE STANDARD for art. Michelangelo, Bach, Tolkien, Da Vinci, and so on. Great book. Read it."

CloudsHost presents the speaker with question #469 from TimmyTommy16:
What is your favorite thing to do on the road?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Eat Chic-fil-a sandwiches."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Ete mor cheeken"
Fritzpw_Host grins happily.

Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #454 from cstortz: Are you going to be touring a lot with the new album out or resting for awhile because of the new baby?

Andrew_Peterson says, "We'll be touring. Hopefully we'll have some time off this summer, but we're already getting used to having two kids on the road. Like I said, Jamie's Superwoman. Now if we could only potty train..."

Fritzpw_Host says, "One word..."
Fritzpw_Host says, "Bribes"

Andrew_Peterson says, "With what?"

Fritzpw_Host says, "M&Ms"
Fritzpw_Host says, "or blow out candles"

Clare_host that is how fritz gets us hosts to be good too!
Fritzpw_Host nods solemnly.

Tigger_Host Fritz has a train....maybe he'd be willing to do it for you Andrew

Andrew_Peterson says, "Nope. We'd eat all the M&M's."

hmsclhost looks at Clare . .woohoo

Andrew_Peterson says, "I just spank. (Kidding)"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Now I gotta ask this question. I see it staring in my face and it really has my curiosity peeked...." Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #442 from okimotor: Why do black ball type things on mic stands scare you?

Andrew_Peterson says, "Well, the thought of the person who sang before me's lips all over it is a little unsettling. Yechh. Sometimes you can smell their breath."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Gotcha"
Fritzpw_Host says, "I have good news for you tonight Andrew"
Fritzpw_Host says, "The mic you are using right now is totally sanitary."

Fritzpw_Host presents the speaker with question #517 from cstortz: What ministries are there out there right now that you see really needing help?

Andrew_Peterson says, "A ministry that we really believe in is 'Compassion International.' Me and Gabe have both been on trips with them, and can vouch for the validity of what they do. "I'd encourage everybody to support them by sponsoring a child. And I don't get paid to say that. The other good ministry is the 'Donate-to-andrew-and-jamie's-long-overdue-ski-trip' ministry. Ha!"

Tigger_Host says, "LOL@Andrew"

Clare_host hands Andrew a tin cup for his donations |__|

Fritzpw_Host says, "Andrew do you have a website with tour information and stuff?"

Andrew_Peterson says, It's a fun site. Lots of stuff happening--surveys, msg board, journals, etc.

Fritzpw_Host says, "Andrew do you have anything you would like to say in closing?"

Andrew_Peterson says, "THANK YOU. We're continually blown away by how kind everyone's been to us. I hope you all like the record, and we hope to see you all soon."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Thank you Andrew for coming tonight"
Fritzpw_Host says, "and now for the winner of the Guitar!!!!"
Fritzpw_Host says, "Ready?!?!?"

Fritzpw_Host shouts, The winner of the Baby Taylor Guitar, courtesy of Andrew Peterson, Watershed Records and the Music Channel at is Christy Ghiorso from San Lorenzo, CA! Congratulations!!!"
Fritzpw_Host shouts, Christy has been chosen to receive a Andrew Peterson autographed Baby Taylor Guitar. Way to go Christy!!!"

Fritzpw_Host applauds fervently.

Andrew_Peterson says, "Congratulations, Christy!"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Thank you for coming everyone!"