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Best Christian Market Albums of 2005

  • Staff CCM Magazine
  • 2005 26 Dec
Best Christian Market Albums of 2005

The staff has spoken.  CCM magazine's editors, designer and production director have made their choices for the best Christian market albums of 2005 and have also selected one album worthy of the "album of the year" title.  Find out who and what made the list. ...

Our Choices for the best Christian market albums of 2005 …

ANDREA BAILEY, Assistant Editor

1. Switchfoot, "Nothing is Sound" (Columbia/Sparrow)
“The Shadow Proves the Sunshine.” ’Nuff said.

2. Sara Groves, "Add to the Beauty" (INO)
Feels like an old friend from the first listen.

3. Jars of Clay, "Redemption Songs" (Essential)
Just when I thought the hymns thing was getting old. … 

4. Ginny Owens, "Long Way Home" (Rocketown)
Makes me want to think more, love harder, weep and laugh all at the same time.

5. Andy Hunter, "Life" (Sparrow/EMI)
Dance much? You will.

6. tobyMac, "Renovating Diverse City" (Gotee)
In the words of Daft Punk:  “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

7. Kevin Max, "The Imposter" (Northern)
Why I don’t care if dc Talk never gets back together.

8. Kendall Payne, "Grown" (BHT)
Please, God, make more artists grow up to be like Kendall.

9. Mary Mary, "Mary Mary" (Columbia/Integrity)
Destiny’s Child has nothing on these ladies. 

10. David Crowder Band, "A Collision" (sixsteps)
Is this rock & roll, or is this worship music? It sounds so good, you can’t tell.

CHRIS WELL, Contributing Editor

1. Disciple, "Disciple" (SRE)
Solid, muscular hard rock, with simple, sledgehammer lyrics about a life of faith.

2. Pee Wee Callins, "Street Soul" (Beatmart)
Smooth, timeless R&B that matches the classy groove of ’70s soul with the production of modern urban pop.

3. Andy Hunter, "Life" (Sparrow)
Adrenaline-charged, post-MTV worship music for the "Matrix" generation. 

4. Project 86, "And the Rest Will Follow" (Tooth & Nail)
Visceral hard rock matched to thoughtful lyrics.

5. 4th Avenue Jones, "Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul" (Lookalive/Gotee)
Catchy mix of hip-hop and rock with engaging lyrics that dialogue about life and faith.

6. Sara Groves, "Add to the Beauty" (INO)
Tender, artful explorations of life and faith for fans of smart adult pop.

7. Antonio Neal, "Days of My Life" (EMI Gospel)
Slick, contemporary R&B with old-school charm.

8. The Afters, "I Wish We All Could Win" (Simple/INO)
Wears its alternative-pop influences proudly, with such ebullience you can’t help but go along for the ride.

9. Sarah Brendel, "Sarah Brendel" (Inpop)
Euro-alt-chick-rock with seeker lyrics should especially appeal to those of us who miss The Benjamin Gate.

10. Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives, "Souls’ Chapel"  (Superlatone)
Rootsy, soulful Delta Gospel that mixes front-porch blues with camp-meeting bluegrass.


1. Andy Hunter, "Life" (Sparrow)
Watch out U2, Andy has the next iPod commercial in the bag with this techno mix.

2. Sara Groves, "Add to the Beauty" (INO)
You won’t be able to get the songs out of your head or the message out of your heart. I dare you to try!

3. Ginny Owens, "Long Way Home" (Rocketown)
A much-needed reminder of why we are all here.   

4. David Crowder Band, "A Collision" (sixsteps)
Imagine mixing bluegrass, rock, gospel and electronic ballads and actually making it sound good. Yes, it’s possible and amazing!  

5. Jars of Clay, "Redemption Songs" (Essential)
A welcome twist on old classics.

6. The Afters, "I Wish We All Could Win" (Simple/INO)
I wish you all could hear how great they are live! One listen and you’ll know why it’s MTV-worthy.  

7. Robbie Seay Band, "Better Days" (Sparrow/EMI)
Days really are better with these hopeful, laid-back melodies. 

8. Sarah Brendel, "Sarah Brendel" (Inpop)
This girl rocks with European flair on her U.S. debut album.

9. The Peasall Sisters, "Home to You" (Dualtone)
One song from this folksy treasure, and it takes me home to Mississippi.

10. Rebecca St. James, "If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something" (ForeFront)
Let me just tell you:  it’s a new Rebecca, and it’s good.

ROSS E. CLUVER, Production Director

1. KJ-52, "Behind the Musik" (BEC)
Clever, witty and fun. If only Aaron Sprinkle would produce all of the next KJ record.

2. Switchfoot, "Nothing Is Sound" (Columbia/Sparrow)
Solid music, great guys. 

3. The Peasall Sisters, "Home to You" (Dualtone)
My daughters fell in love with this just as quickly as I did.  

4. Falling Up, "Dawn Escapes" (BEC)
I love this guy’s voice. 

5. Dizmas, "On a Search in America" (Credential/EMI)
Rage against the Christian music status quo. 

6. Matthew West, "History" (Universal South)
“La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.” 

7. The Afters, "I Wish We All Could Win" (Simple/INO)
What a beautiful album.

8. David Crowder Band, "A Collision" (sixsteps)
Refreshing, quirky and memorable.

9. L.A. Symphony, "Disappear Here" (Gotee)
Solid convergence of urban, house and hip-hop flavors.

10. Number One Gun, "Promises for the Imperfect" (Tooth & Nail)
Who needs Incubus? We have Number One Gun.


1. Sara Groves, "Add to the Beauty" (INO)
Friends don’t let friends go without this album!

2. Switchfoot, "Nothing Is Sound" (Columbia/Sparrow)
Faith-informed rock at its thought-provoking best.

3. Nichole Nordeman, "Brave" (Sparrow)
Deep heart, brave art.

4. 4th Avenue Jones, "Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul" (Lookalive/Gotee)
Warning:  Will convert rockers to hip-hop.

5. David Crowder Band, "A Collision" (sixsteps)
Note to worship leaders:  Contemplate this album.

6. Jars of Clay, "Redemption Songs" (Essential)
Note to Jars of Clay:  Thank you for contemplating hymns.

7. Derek Webb, "Mockingbird" (INO)
Artful, bold, needed.

8. Bethany Dillon, "Imagination" (Sparrow)
Was Amy Grant really this talented at Bethany’s age?

9. Falling Up, "Dawn Escapes" (BEC)
Melodic hard music with adventurous pop twists. 

10. The Afters, "I Wish We All Could Win" (Simple/INO)
These guys are simply too good to be new.


Sara Groves, "Add to the Beauty"

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