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City On A Hill

  • 2000 15 Aug
City On A Hill

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Essential Records announces the August 22nd release of City on a Hill - Songs Of Worship And Praise. Produced by Steve Hindalong, ==City On A Hill== is a community collaboration of musicians, artists and authors including many of the most visible talents in Christian music today. The audio project includes both solo and collaborative efforts from {{Jars of Clay}}, {{Sixpence None The Richer}}, {{FFH}}, {{Caedmon's Call}}, {{Third Day}}, {{The Choir}}, Gene Eugene and {{Sonicflood}} with Peter Furler of the {{Newsboys}}. A companion book, ==City On A Hill: Reflections On Our Spiritual Journey==, is scheduled to release simultaneously with the audio and features selected artists' and authors' perspectives on their faith.

"Our concept of 'community,' is one that takes the emphasis off of the particular artist who may have their name on the song, and places it where it belongs, in worship and exaltation of God," explains Hindalong. "City on a Hill allowed us the opportunity to join the talents and hearts of these artists in such a way that I think God was truly glorified within that unity."

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The Music Channel at is pleased to be able to present four complete chapters from the companion book, ==City On A Hill: Reflections On Our Spiritual Journey==. This is one of the most captivating, devotional writings to be released in recent years. The authors/artists involved have chosen to bare their souls to a remarkable degree, for the sake of encouraging and inspiring others along their own faith walks. Please check out these four excerpts, clicking through their links to read the entire chapters.

Leigh Nash
from Sixpence None The Richer

I haven't always understood what grace means, but looking back over my life I can see how God's grace has always been with me. I did not grow up in a "model Christian home." As a little girl I went to Sunday school and "big church" every week with my mother and my sister. One of the things I remember most clearly is that my mom always seemed tense and moody on Sunday mornings. Perhaps it was the contrast she felt between her own life at home and the lives of all those happy, seemingly perfect families that shared the pews with us.

the complete Leigh Nash essay, including song clip and intro from the producer

Charlie Peacock

Something's wrong and I can't keep quiet. This world is so full of lousy thinking. My brain is filled with lousy thinking too. Since I'm part of what's wrong, I talk to myself about it. I rattle, skip, stutter, and try the best I can (with deft imprecision) to lock my mind around what might be called good thinking. Good thinking is, I believe, learning to think like God thinks. It is my fuel. It is the way of truth, the way of life, the way that leads me to God. Whenever and wherever I find good thinking I give thanks to the Good King.

the complete Charlie Peacock essay, including an intro from the producer

Dan Haseltine
from Jars of Clay

Slowly, confidently, the train pulled away from its resting place. It had struck a deal with time and so rode away with the remaining seconds it would have taken me to climb aboard. The whistle sounded in triumph, betraying its joy over having caused another would-be passenger to slow down-if only for a few stolen minutes. I felt my heart fall like a coin tossed carelessly into a darkened well. I held my breath with anticipation of its reaching the bottom. I would have to wait. It was Chicago. Many trains would be setting out in the direction I needed to go.

the complete Dan Haseltine essay, including song clip and intro from the producer

Steve Hindalong
from The Choir

A sense of direction? I have none. I open closet doors trying to find my way out of friends' houses. I certainly wouldn't qualify to deliver pizza. And although I truly appreciate visual art, I never could draw-not a horse or even a cube. But I've always been in tune with the rhythm of life, with an instinct for keeping the beat. It was only natural that I became a drummer. I don't recall ever having to ponder the whereabouts of "the upbeat." (I'm referring to the "ands" of "one and two and three and four.")

the complete Steve Hindalong essay, including song clip and intro from Terry Taylor

Taken from: City On A Hill
Copyright 2000 by Steve Hindalong
Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402 and
CCM Books, a division of CCM Communications, Nashville, TN 37205
Used by Permission

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