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Clay Crosse - A Different Man

  • 2000 31 Jan
Clay Crosse - <i>A Different Man</i>

A Different Man

1998 marked a year of dramatic change in my life and a complete rededication to Christ. I finally faced the reality that I was living for my desires, not God's.

I had been a Christian for 18 years and had long since put my walk with God on "auto pilot." It's sad for me to think back to just how stale my life had become. With all I had been taught throughout my life, by such amazing, Christian people, it was a shame how little of this I was living out. I was supposed to be this "Christian leader," but God showed me, in a very real way, just what a failure I was shaping up to be. The realization hurt me to the core. A lot of people knew who I was, you know. How could I openly admit my need to recommit my life to Christ? What would people think? What would my fans think? I had to be "this great guy" to them.

Eventually, I admitted to myself that "this great guy" should be honest with everyone, especially to the people who listen to his music. My hope is that my story will inspire you to evaluate your walk with God and always strive to grow as a Christian. "A Different Man" was written and recorded during my time of healing. It is a testimony of a victory and a testimony of God's grace. I pray that it nudges you closer to Him!

Your Bro, Clay

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These are the words of Christ. His love is far reaching. God's love fights through all situations; it just does not give up. One recent Sunday, our pastor asked the congregation, "Has anyone in your life ever done something that made you stop loving them?" The whole place became quiet. If that's happened in your life, you have to analyze the quality of your love. Is it God's love you have for other people? If so, you could never find yourself in a situation where someone had done something that caused you to not love him or her anymore. This song has a musical world beat to it, with all kinds of stuff underneath. It's so powerful. I love the line, "In my dying words, I have called you friend."

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This is such a unique song, unlike anything I've ever recorded. Its lyrics grab you and make you wonder just what king it is talking about. By the end of the song though, it becomes clear that it is talking about Jesus. I love how it draws you along like that, then asks: "What would you do for a king/If He took off His crown and agreed to die/And as you tried to understand it He looked you in the eye/Well what would you do?" It really is a challenge.

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In the last two years, I've been broken into a man who truly seeks God in a real way. It took some doing. I was stripped of issues of pride and lust. These are issues I have struggled with for a long time. God really knocked me on my face, but when I looked up, there He was with His arms stretched out to me. Through this process, He has drawn me closer to Himself. "Arms of Jesus" states that at low times in my life I have, and still can, fall into God's arms of fatherly love and forgiveness. This is a testimonial song with a musical arrangement that really soars. There's such a spirit running through it. It's all about falling into the arms of Jesus when we are at our lowest place - falling into His grace.

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"More Like You" is the perfect way to end this project. That's why I saved it for last. This is such an inspirational praise chorus. The last verse says: "When my time is through/And my days are ending/I'll trust in you/For a new beginning/In your presence every day/In my final breath I'll say/ You are perfect, you are holy/You are faithful, you are true." Through all I've experienced over the past few years - the painful realizations, the rededication to Christ, the growth and reconstruction - I thank God and continue to ask Him to make me more like Him. That's my ultimate prayer.