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Everybody Needs a Fan or Two

  • Charlie Peacock CCM Magazine
  • Published May 11, 2004
Everybody Needs a Fan or Two

As you may have seen in a recent issue of CCM Magazine, my 20th anniversary as a solo artist is being celebrated. In that same spirit of generosity I’m devoting this month’s column to my own salute – a celebration of the fans.

Everybody needs a fan or two – not a fanatic in the negative sense but just someone who “gets” you, who understands who you are, and why you do what you do. I suspect that many of you who read this magazine are enthusiastic fans of the artists appearing in its pages month after month. You are hardly stalker types (Right?) but instead, just good people moved by the artistry of brothers and sisters following in the Way. If so, you deserve to have a little love and respect yourselves. The fans need a “superfan,” and I intend to be yours. So here’s some love coming back at you.

You are not afraid to express your joy at being touched by the music of your favorites. This childlikeness is what I love about you. A true fan is not too cool to be fan-like. You can’t help yourself, can you? That’s good. Don’t lose this. There are too many people flatlining in this world already. Be truly human and show the world there are things worth caring about, that music can actually move people to express themselves in word and deed. Fans are the enemy of apathy. They’re passionate. Thanks for that.

You’re creative, inspiring and giving, too. Tineke from The Netherlands, you gave me a book, "The Clown of God." You said I reminded you of the main character. Thank you. Mark Carter from Fresno, Calif., remember that wonderful pin you crafted for me? It was good, too. Artful, excellent. Thank you. Ned and Leslie, remember how you had the courage to write and ask if I would sing at your wedding (in Pennsylvania)? I’m glad I said, “Yes.” That was cool. Thank you.

You’re seekers of truth, knowledge and wisdom, too – looking for wounded healers to help you follow in the Way of Jesus. Nick, Doug, Jay, remember the tears, the challenges, the theologies turned upside-down, the hope of something more and better? Remember the short trip from fan to friend? I do. You heard some songs, dreamed a dream and became men. Well done. Thank you.

What is music without a community to hear it, enjoy it and tell its story? You can be an artist’s greatest champion. And even when you step into the role of critic, it’s because you care. Thanks for caring. Thanks for speaking up. If I hadn’t been so self-absorbed as a younger man, I would’ve known to listen better. Why? Fans are the community. And music without community is less than life, less than human. Thanks for keeping us artists both encouraged and challenged.

It’s true. Fans can have some high expectations for the artists they love and support. Keep setting the bar high. It’s said that people get the music they deserve. Please aim high. Of all the musicians and recording artists in the world, Christians ought to be the ones taking the care of music most seriously. How can we say we love God and not care for His creativity and the human fruit of it?

Remember, you’re the community. Talk to us. Cheer us on to excellence for the cause of Jesus in the world. You are ceaseless spiritual beings created in the image of God, now through the grace of God being re-created into the image of the Son, the new way to be human. You are ambassadors of Christ, caretakers of His creativity, co-laborers with Jesus in His Kingdom.

Do you hear me? Ask for the music you deserve!

Everybody needs a fan or two – not a fanatic in the negative sense but just someone who gets you, who understands who you are and why you do what you do.

Art House: A Word on Worship
Looking For Some Good Work?

1. Good work is storytelling and storied living after the pattern of Jesus. This means knowing and telling the Story and making God’s reign and rule visible in daily life. It means overcoming evil with good and pushing back the effects of the Fall.

2. Good work is inescapably connected to the Father’s business in the world – cooperating with Him in restoring rightness, doing justice and showing mercy. This means removing any impairment to healthy functioning (everywhere and in everything).

3. Good work is caring for God’s creativity – people and place and all of creation. This means dreaming well for it and using creation for the good of people and to proclaim God’s excellence as Creator.

4. Good work is caring for God’s relational will. This means knowing it and embodying it and, as a result, teaching it to others. More than anything, this means loving God with your whole being and loving your neighbor with the kind of love and care you desire. It means doing for others what God has so graciously done for you.

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Charlie Peacock is an artist, producer, author and teacher. His new album, "Full Circle: A Celebration of Songs and Friends" (Sparrow), released March 9. His new book, "New Way to be Human" (Waterbrook), released March 16.

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