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Geoff Moore Live Chat Event

  • 1999 8 Sep
Geoff Moore Live Chat Event
Transcript from the Live Chat
September 21, 1999

We lined up a Familiar Stranger for you! The Music Channel at was proud to host a CHAT EVENT with A Friend (Like You,) the Pure And Simple GEOFF MOORE!

Read the transcript of the chat as we discussed the Evolution of this Home Run artist on the very day of release for his new self-titled album "Geoff Moore."There was barely A Place To Stand as the discussion Threads from The Early Years, through his Foundations to his Greatest Hits (and a little Road Work in between...) It was a very pun, ahhhh FUN time!

By Renee Mullen for the Music Chat Staff on

Chatters gathered early, like spectators lining the streets in eager anticipation for a parade, awaiting the arrival of {{Geoff Moore}}, four time Grammy Award nominee, Christian singer and songwriter! proudly hosted this inspiring event in its cyber chat auditorium.

Of course, the one and only, number one impromptu entertainer of the greatest breed, our fearless leader, Mr. Fred "Fritz" Alberti, Jr. graced the audience with his sentient presence to welcome chatters and guests. And all would have been rather mundane and ordinary had our beloved fritz not gotten his tuxedo tails caught in the automated, cyber curtain! The stentorian ripping sound was heard in offices throughout! Not one to be easily abashed, Fritz quickly regained his composure and provided a fervent welcome to Geoff!

Geoff expressed his ardent gratitude and began responding to some of the thousand questions.

Throughout the event, Geoff made it obvious that his life and career is focused on Jesus. He readily acknowledged, "I became a Christian when I was about 7 years old. My Dad led me to Christ. I have really been blessed to have not had a real time of rebellion in my life. There definitely have been times when I have been more faithful than others, but isn't it amazing how God remains faithful no matter what we do?"

And when asked about his most inspiring Bible verse, he emphatically replied, " It would be out of Hebrews Chap. 4, where it will tell us that in Jesus we don't have a High Priest who can't sympathize with our weakness." He added, "My favorite devotional is Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest!"

Geoff gives recognition to Billy Smiley as the one most instrumental and influential in his singing career and ministry. He shared, "Billy was one of the founding members of the group {{WhiteHeart}} and he produced my first five albums! The first tour that I ever did was opening for WhiteHeart in 1985 and 1986."

Geoff's band was known as "The Distance" and many chatters expressed curiosity regarding the "break up" of this group. Geoff explained, "I am really happy to have a chance to answer this for youwe broke up simply because I felt God was laying it on my heart to do something different like this solo album. The ==Threads== tour was the most successful tour we had ever done and yet I felt God leading me to simplify my life and slow down a I tried to follow His leading! I hope to do one more solo album after this, then I would like to do a Christmas album!"

His new solo album, entitled, "==Geoff Moore==," is a contemplative expression of Geoff's faith and awesome talent. On this album, Geoff performs a duet with the popular {{Steven Curtis Chapman}} and this song, Thanks to You," is one of Geoff's favorites. It is during this duet that Geoff and Steven enjoy some moments of bantering, which some mistake for rehearsing. Geoff admits, "No the banter on the song Thanks to Youis a real take. We didn't know exactly what we were going to sing in that part, so we just started talking and laughing and we kept it." Regarding his first solo album, Geoff states, " It was very different... though I loved working with The Distance, I also loved working with new people."

Also on Geoff's new album is the song, Boy Like Me, Man Like You. This tender song by the late {{Rich Mullins}} is Geoff's tribute in remembrance of Rich. Geoff related, "Rich and I were friends. We got to know each other on a mission trip to Guatemala with Compassion International."

Family takes a high standing priority in Geoff's life. He has been married to Jan for 16 years and has been blessed with two boys, Josh (11) and Justin (9). He shared his "corny" story of proposal to his wife, which occurred in a cornfield in Texas. When asked how he knew Jan was the woman God intended for him, he gave this facetious reply, "I felt like I had the flu!" And quickly added, "There came a point that it was hard to imagine life without her. By the way the new album has a love song I wrote for her called, With You. Geoff enjoys "hunting, fishing and hiking" with his boys when he is home. Despite Geoff's fame, his boys view him like most American boys perceive their dads. "They really don't know me any other way, just as their dad who is smart or stupid depending on the day!" Although his family travels with him at times, Geoff contiguously admitted, "it is very hard to be away from them. It is the hardest thing that do!"

Geoff's ever-popular song, Home Run was discussed. He shared the conception of this song. "My Dad played professional baseball, AAA, and I love sports analogies. I was doing a concert at a baseball stadium and got the idea while I was playing!" Geoff did not follow in his father's footsteps. In fact, even in high school his sports choices did not include baseball. He stated, "I played basketball, football, golf and tennis."

Although Geoff has only performed Christian music, he advised the following to those considering a secular music career, "the important thing is to follow your calling. If God calls you to make music in the mainstream, I think you should do it. Just make sure your music lyrics and life honor your walk with Christ!" He gave similar guidance to aspiring, young artists, "be passionate followers of Jesus Christ, let your art flow out of your Faith."

Relating to Geoff's schedule and the Christian music festival circuit, he shared, "I didn't do very many festivals this past summer because I was waiting for the new album to come out, but I hope to do as many as I can. I know I will be at Kingdom Bound and Sonshine and I hope at both Creations! We have a brand new webster and it is real simple, You can subscribe to a newsletter at my site." Information regarding his tours and future projects is available at his website. "I am working on several projects right now. I hope to have a devotional out the early part of next year and a book sometime after that."

Many artists become vain as their career escalates. Geoff shared the arcana of his humbleness. "When I get home from a long and glamorous tour, my wife usually meets me at the door with garbage that needs taken out and then points me to the lawnmower." This meek attitude is seen in Geoff's choices for careers, had he's not been called into music. He said, " Sometimes I think about what else I would like to do. Sometimes I think a Missionary or a Fishing Guide."

Geoff, though generally pensive, was involved in at least one practical joke. He admitted, "When on the tour for "A Friend Like You," the opening act was {{Audio Adrenaline}}. Their name was on a backdrop and before their set, some members of the Distance who will remain nameless, manipulated the letters of "Audio Adrenaline" to read 4 idiots all in alliance! Get out a marker and try to figure it out how it was done!"

Over one thousand questions were asked during this event by eighty to ninety attendees. Geoff regretted being unable to answer all of the questions. He reminded everyone that he can be contacted through his website, He receives e-mail there and stated, "I'm not able to respond to all of them, but I do read all of them." Additional information relating to Geoff and his music can also be found at Please check out these sites!

With a perspective on life rooted in the wisdom of Christ, Geoff reflects on his past. "There are definitely some mistakes I have made along the way, but all in all I feel like it has been a wonderful journey. So no, I don't think I would change anything." It is lucid that he knows His Maker and follows His call. He shared this regarding God's leading in his life. "He is reminding me that He loves me regardless of how I act."

Our hope is that message will continue to be spread throughout the land by your music! Thanks to {{Geoff Moore}} for a great chat here on the Music Channel at

Click "{{Geoff Moore}}" to read his complete bio and view his discography.


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