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Like The Choir, Circleslide Rocks Solid on "Uncommon" Debut

  • 2006 19 Jul
Like The Choir, Circleslide Rocks Solid on "Uncommon" Debut

Artist:  Circleslide
Title:  "Uncommon Days"
Label:  Centricity Records

One of the most commonly discussed topics is the weather. It seems to be a subject that people gravitate toward as they engage in small talk because it's a nice common ground that is shared by all.

We're all affected by the weather around us and, though we know that we can't control it, we like to think we have the ability to predict the weather as we plan the events of our lives. If nothing else, the existence of ever-changing weather patterns and storms serves as a constant reminder that we, as humans, aren't the greatest forces in the universe.

Debuting on Centricity Records, new band Circleslide breaks onto the scene with a clean rock sound that proves to be charming and enjoyable from the get go. However, the real rewards come to those who stick around and listen to the album a few times through. At first listen, one can quickly identify with the nice sound of the music and the positive and uplifting message presented in the lyrics. Beyond that, listeners will happily discover the depth of the lyrics as the group uses various aspects and images of nature and weather to describe the way man can relate to God. "Walking On Water," which was originally released as a single last year, discusses the story of Peter trying to walk on the water as an expression of his faith. Despite Peter's failure, one of the messages to that account is that God is more powerful than nature. Throughout the album, the band points out our need to fear God and follow Him, even when we stumble – as displayed in the song "Get Up."

Besides the message, Circleslide brings a fine bit of music to the album as well. Taking their name from a classic album from ccm staple, The Choir, it should come as no surprise that the group has a sound that finds its root in that classic vein. Songs such as "Get Up" and "Walking on the Waves" are quite reminiscent of The Choir with subtle melodies and intricate rhythms backing soft-spoken vocals. Other tracks, such as "Weatherboy (C'mon C'mon)" manages to take off and chart a course of upbeat rock. The bulk of the album, though is quite mellow, atmospheric and features a full sound as found on tracks like "Meteor" and "Up to the Sky."

"Uncommon Days" proves to be a worthwhile listen offering quite a bit of depth musically and lyrically. The group displays a mature sound that includes aspects of some classic rock brought to a modern audience. Very solid debut for the group.

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