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Live Chat with Jennifer Knapp

  • 2000 8 Jun
Live Chat with Jennifer Knapp
With her debut album, "Kansas," Jennifer Knapp gained a firm foothold as one of Christian music's most distinctive singer-songwriters, earning a Dove Award for Best New Artist. Could this promising talent create a follow-up album just as compelling? Get the answers straight from the source, as Jennifer talks about her new release, "Lay It Down," as part of the second live web chat from Sound and Spirit in conjunction with

Fritzpw_Host says, "Hello everyone!!!! Welcome to our Chat with Jennifer Knapp! In preparation for the event we have hushed the auditorium so just type your questions in like you would normally do for chat..."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Jennifer at one time you talked about opening a counseling center, one of our chatters would know what your plans are concerning that."

Jennifer_Knapp says, "The closest thing that I do is "Give Back" where we go and hang out and play mini-concerts at homeless and/or youth shelters, as well as mission work."

Haddock says, "What is your favorite bible verse?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Well, I would say Luke 7:36-50. It is basically the easiest (shortest) way of telling you my testimony."

ThanksB2God asks, "What kind of guitar do you play?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "My main guitar is a Taylor 810."

mlh4jesus asks, "Do you have a type of ritual before you go on stage?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Not really, about the only consistent thing that I do is pray, especially when we go out playing with the band. Outside of that, I am basically hanging out or doing interviews."

KrEe_00 asks, "What's your favorite song you've done?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I would have to say "Hold Me Now", because it is so closely tied to my testimony and my favorite scripture."

buddys_girl87 asks, "Jennifer, how long have you been singing?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I have been singing Christian music for about 5 years, although my family has been telling me not to quit my day job since I was 5..."

malt1 asks, "Jennifer, what has been your biggest goal as a Christian singer?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "My biggest goal would be comparable to my life goal, which is that when I meet God, He will pat me on the head and say 'Good Job, My Good and Faithful Servant'"

bekgirl asks, "Who inspires you the most?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Paul, from the Bible inspires me the most spiritually."

Nathan_B asks, "Could you explain the song "Into You"?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "It is a song I wrote to make money..."

Jennifer_Knapp smiles.

Jennifer_Knapp says, "It is somewhat of a caricature of the last person that you would expect to be worshiping God..."

BrilovesGod asks, "Who do you look up to?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Most of the people that I look up to are seemingly ordinary, and not many people would know their names..."

Nance-Ulrich asks, "Do you have an opinion of Christian artists who have "crossed over" into secular music, like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Susan Ashton?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "If I had an opinion... I am not in a position to judge a man's heart, it is God's. Had they not they "crossed-over", that is one less way that God would have planted His seed in my heart. I am grateful that they were bold enough to do that."

TBtheEdge asks, "Is road life hard on your spiritual walk?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I'm not sure that I can say that it is. What is hard on my spiritual walk is lack of discipline."

therealGodsgrrl asks, "Why do you think it is difficult to get Christian teens interested in the Christian Music industry?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "It doesn't appear to me to be difficult, there are a lot of young people that are aspiring to be involved in Christian Music. The harder thing to be is a good role model at such a young age...."

bennie_le asks, "Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, " 5 years, I will be 31, so I see myself as old and gray..."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Do you use a PC or a MAC?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I used to use a Mac in college, but I am now a PC girl."

Fritzpw_Host turned 31 yesterday.. hrumph

Jennifer_Knapp snickers at Fritzpw_Host.

Fritzpw_Host says, "but I'll forgive you for ditching Mac"

ratlover asks, "What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't doing anything?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I like to play video games, I am borderline in need of a 12-step program..."

ima1 says, "Which ones are your favorites?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Just about any sports games.."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Just know that I am the Dutch Blitz champion..."

ima1 says, "what is dutch blitz"

Jennifer_Knapp snickers at Fritzpw_Host.

Fritzpw_Host says, "A game that I am the champion of..."

Nance-Ulrich asks, "What artists have influenced the way you make music?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I would say Ashley Cleveland and Margaret Becker as far as Christian artists."

ima1 says, "how about secular artists?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "For secular music, I would say Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, and the Indigo Girls..."

ForeverJesuss asks, "What kind of junk food do you eat?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I like Beef Jerky and Yoo Hoos... Combos... and cheese, I LOVE cheese..."

dannielle asks, "When you write songs...which comes first lyrics or music?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "It depends. It's not unusual for it to happen either way. I'll take it any way I can get it..."

dartanieyun asks, "Was there a time when you were living essentially without God?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "More than essentially, definitely. I became a Christian at 18, prior to that I did not believe God existed. If he did exist, I hated Him."

Flight180_fan asks, "Do you like swing music?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "It's not that I dislike it, but I don't have a record... I enjoy Jazz."

semidriver asks, "In all your life, what experience brought you closest to the Lord?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "The love of people (toward me) that believed in Christ when I didn't."

Jon_B1 asks, "What was your most embarrassing moment?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I literally fell on my face in front of 5000 (or more) people...broad daylight...they all watched me. I tried to set up my guitar. I thought I broke my jaw (it got honkin' big and purple), but I did the show anyway."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Honking in purple.. sounds like a title of a song."

Jesusiswhoilove asks, "What was your inside response for winning the dove award - new artist of the year?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I really didn't even know my name. I really kinda blanked out. I didn't expect to win at all, and I was a little bit sick..."

buddys_girl87 asks, "What school did you go to?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Pittsburgh State University in Pittsburgh, Kansas."

HeLovedMeFirst asks, "What is God working on in your life right now? What area is He molding and shaping?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Ephesians 1:7-8... Grasping and acting in the manner that God has preserved his blessing for us. Something we don't have to wait for, it is already there, the question is "Will I choose to respond?""

BookNut1 asks, "What is your primary goal for the listeners of the songs you make?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Well, I would say the first thing that I try and do is not have quoted scripture, but have it centered around a specific scripture, because God's Word does not return void. After that, it varies just because of what the specific song is about, but I definitely intend for it to make a spiritual connection."

Nance-Ulrich asks, "Do you plan on getting married? And do you believe in dating or courtship?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I suppose I could plan a wedding, but that would be silly since I haven't had a date in a while. I believe that is very important in the matters of courtship and dating to be accountable with someone, like a leader in your life, be it a parent or pastor."

reignman asks, "Do you enjoy watching cartoons?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Yeah, I like Space Ghost... I plan on doing a cover record of Brak (possessive) songs... and then I would have to say I like Johnny Bravo. ...and, of course, all of the Warner-Bros. classics."

ima1 says, "What's your favorite practical joke?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I like to jump out from around a corner and scare people. I've scared little children and grown men alike. It's an area that I need to work on...mercy"

Fritzpw_Host laughs out loud.

yaright asks, "Do you have a mentor, a discipler?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I did, early on in my faith. I would describe the relationships I have as pastoral leadership and accountability from spiritual people that I look up to."

ashley_renee asks, "What's your favorite worship song?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Ancient of Days. Ron Kenoly recorded it a while back, I love that version..."

elvispupy asks, "What's the strangest place you've ever played a gig?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I played a concert (not so much the concert, but where). I was in the back woods of Arkansas. It was really scary... It had hand painted pink bunnies all over my hotel room. EVERYWHERE...."

debaroo1 asks, "What is in your cd player right now?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska". The day before it was the new BB King/Eric Clapton record."

bennie_le asks, "Who would you like to record a song with?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I've done 2 of 3. I wanted to record a song with Ashley Cleveland and Margaret Becker, which I have done both now. I think I would dig singing with Tracy Chapman. I got to sing back-up with the Indigo Girls at the Lilith Fair, that was really cool..."

dartanieyun asks, "Are you an extrovert or do you prefer the company of a few close friends?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Worse than that, I am a hermit if I am left to my own devices, I really enjoy being alone. I definitely wouldn't describe myself as being extroverted..."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Do you have any pets?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "If I did, they would be dead by now because I am never home."

ashley_renee asks, "Who is your favorite Christian alternative band?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I would say Sixpence None The Richer."

bondservants1 asks, "Does your family walk with the Lord? I know that was one of your deepest sorrows when I saw you on an interview a couple of years ago. Have things gotten better?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I would say that my family acknowledges the existence of God."

bennie_le asks, "Does your twin sister ever pretend to be you...past or present?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "No, we've never been identical in any way. She probably doesn't want to be me, anyway... I think we have both been pretty happy with our individuality."

powerbanks asks, "What kind of car do you drive, or what would you like to have?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I drive a truck, but I am taking donations for a BMW Z-3 convertible...."

Fritzpw_Host says, "You may send those donations to Fred Alberti. I'll be sure to pass them on...really..."

Jennifer_Knapp says, "But, I'll never, ever buy one. I am way too practical to buy a car that I can't drive everywhere..."

heartalive asks, "What has been the most Spirit-filled experience of your life?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I don't know that I can measure them in any order. Sometimes the most unexpected and simple things become very powerful Spiritually..."

charity_love asks, "What's the craziest experience you have ever had with a fan?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "None that I am going to tell, because I do not want them to be repeated..."

hevin-bound asks, "Is it uneasy for you to sing with artist like the Indigo girls who have such a different message than yours?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "I did for one moment, and it wasn't uneasy for me at all, at that particular moment. There was nothing but blessing to be had. I trust in the Spirit of God that is within me to set me apart, and I am grateful for that Spirit."

springerz asks, "Do you consider yourself a tomboy?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Oh, sure..."

knapycurls1 asks, "Any advice for people interested in the Christian music business?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Yeah, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you..."

Fritzpw_Host sings, "Allelu alleluia"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Jennifer thank you so much for joining us. Do you have any final comments to make?"

Jennifer_Knapp says, "Thanks for hanging out! Stop by our website if you haven't already,"

Jennifer_Knapp waves at everyone.

Fritzpw_Host says, "Thank you for coming everyone!!!!"