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Michelle Tumes Live Chat Summary

  • 1999 15 Nov
Michelle Tumes Live Chat Summary
From December 19, 1999

The Music Channel at welcomed
Sparrow recording artist MICHELLE TUMES
for a live concert and chat event!

Michelle's new project, Center Of My Universe, is set to release February 15, 1999. You can be the first to hear clips from two songs right here!

Click to hear a clip from "Deep Love"

Click to hear "With The Angels"


ChatMaster shouts, Live from New York... No it is not David Letterman... or Saturday Night Live... but rather live off the set of Live from the Lambs... Welcome with me in the Auditorium right now... {{Michelle Tumes}}!!!!!!"

Fritzpw_Host says, "Wooo hooooo! Hi everyone! Welcome. We have a great event planned for you tonight. We have with us {{Michelle Tumes}} who is just off the stage from her concert Live from the Lambs Theatre in Times Square, NY!

{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I'd like to welcome everyone. This is my first time to a chat room... very interesting!"

Pebbles7 asks, "Where are you from?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I am from Adelaide, Australia"

Pebbles7 asks, "How old were you when you started singing?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I was very young, probably about 4 years old."

Tigger2000 asks, "Who are Michelle's music influences?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Growing up I played a lot of classical piano such as Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Amy Grant, Sting, U2, and Peter Gabriel as well as lots of choral music."

Fretz1 asks, "Michelle, who would you say are your most favorite Christian singers?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "{{Jaci Velasquez}} and {{Jars of Clay}}"

mightyman81310 asks, "How did you get started?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I got started by my sister who was 11 years old and gave me money from her paper route for a demo recording. Then at the recording studio the people who owned it put a band together and recorded another and sent it on to BMG in Sidney."

Yellowbunny asks, "Have you always wanted to be a singer?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes... in the back of mind I was too shy so I pursued another career as a dentist. God had other plans for me and I went into music."

Michael-Forster asks, "What made you decide that you wanted to perform Christian music?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I've been a Christian for a long time. I sing about my faith and it is a very natural thing for me to do."

Caree asks, "Do you write your own music?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I do write my own music. I love to write music. It is a great worship and relaxation for me."

Pebbles7 asks, "I loved your concert tonight via the internet and can't wait to see you live in concert. :o) it was Awesome!!
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Oh, Thank you very, very much. It's comments like that keep me singing."

Sirmax asks, "Michelle, are you coming to Australia soon?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I'm actually leaving tomorrow morning."

Ebliever asks, "Your fellow Aussie musician {{Rebecca St. James}} has taken a strong stand for courtship. Are you familiar with courtship principles and what are your thoughts in this area?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I feel that courtship is very important. I'm glad that such a young person can take such a great stand for it."

Fritzpw_Host says, "You say young person. How old are you Michelle?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I'm in my twenties."

Fretz1 asks, "If there is any Christian entertainer you would love to work with who would it be and why??
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "For me, I've worked with the people I love to work with; {{Jaci Velasquez}} & {{Chris Rodriguez}}, whom I've already worked with on my Candlelight Tour."

Pebbles7 asks, "What are your favorite songs?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "My favorite songs... well, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in. When I'm feeling really happy and running very fast, I like faster songs. I can't really tell you because there's so much music that really touches me. It depends on what I'm feeling and what I'm doing."

Cuttingedge2 asks, "Do you always sing solo or do you sing with other artists or maybe a band?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I sometimes sing solo and sometimes I sing with a band, for instance, I just came off of tour. I've sung with {{Jaci Velasquez}} and {{4 Him}}."

Sirmax asks, "When will your new album be released ? The clips sound great."
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Thank you. My next album will be released on Feb. 15th and I'm really excited about it! I got to co-produce as well as being the artist."

Michael Forster asks, "I also need to ask what all the guys are wondering from 'Life Is Beautiful'. Are you still single?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Uhhh... for one more week."

Annmel asks, "Is it hard on your walk with God to be on the road so much ?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "In a way, yes, because I don't get a chance to go regularly to my church in Nashville, but I enjoy being on the road because I can worship and sing about God in concert and hopefully reach people for Him."

Fretz1 asks, "Would you ever be tempted to crossover into secular music?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Well, I think music from my heart is from what I believe. If God allows that, then that's wonderful, but I'm singing what I love to sing."

Pebbles7 asks, "What do you see yourself doing in about 5 years or so?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "(laughing) Still singing and still writing, because every day I become inspired more and more."

Mjohns51 asks, "Michelle, do you reply to your e-mail personally or is it an automated response?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "That's an interesting question. I reply to it, but unfortunately, the first lot of addresses got lost. I'm very sorry for that. But I'm back online and replying to people."

Pebbles7 asks, "Do you have a website?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I have a website and it is And there's a new one coming out called"

Sam_reigel asks, "Will you continue to live in Nashville?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I think for awhile, but eventually I'd love to go back to my homeland. I miss the ocean, and I miss my family and friends very much."

Pebbles7 asks, "What was the funniest thing or most unusual thing that has happened while you were on tour?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, (laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh) "I fell down a very steep and tall orchestra pit and nearly broke my leg, just before the lights came up. The lights came up and there I was nursing my wounds."

Cuttingedge2 asks, "Was playing the piano natural for you or did you have to try hard at it? I am learning the guitar and piano which I use in worship at my youth group. How did you learn?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "It was very natural to me, but I still had to practice a lot, especially classical music."

Yellowbunny asks, "What do you do in your spare time?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "In my spare time I love the outdoors. I love to run and go horseback riding. I love to write and listen to music. Maybe I should take up basket-weaving?"

KC_kitty asks, "Michelle, will your new album have the same flavor as "Listen"?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "My new album has a bit of a more personal look at life and my personal relationship with God and the songs are a bit faster, but there are still some slower, ethereal songs."

Sam_reigel asks, "How will your new marriage effect your music ministry?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I'm sorry, I don't know because I'm not married yet! Perhaps I'll be able to tell you afterwards."

Caree asks, "Have you done any music videos on Z music television? If not, are there any plans for one?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I have. I made a video last year in Santa Barbara, CA and it was called 'Feel.'"

Fritzpw_Host says, "How is that available?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "If any one would like a copy, please e-mail me from the web site at

Rednaxela asks, "How much time do you spend on the road?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Last year I spent a good two-thirds of a year on the road. I've been all over the world last year including Japan, Israel, Europe, Australia and New Zealand."

Kristin13 asks, "What kind of advice would you give other kids and teens about following their dreams and such?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I would say to children and teens that they should pray diligently and practice the gifts that they have been given. Also become really focused on what they want to do."

KC_kitty asks, "Do you have a regular support group for when things get tough?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I do. My minister and his wife have really taken me under their wing and I have a Bible study group I go to. I also call my mom a lot."

Michael-Forster asks, "Do you think you might like to do some songwriting for other artists in the future?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Well, I've actually already done that for {{Point of Grace}}, {{Jaci Velasquez}}, {{Sixpence None the Richer}} and a few others."

Mjohns51 asks, "Are there any plans for more videos?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, there are! It will be early next year, so stay tuned."

Sam_reigel asks, "What would you say is the most passionate message you want to communitcate through your music?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "My most passionate message is the peace and love of God through His Son Jesus Christ and how that effects us in everyday life."

Jason842 asks, "Can you play any instruments?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I play the piano."

ApostolicWarrior asks, "How does it feel to know that you are touching so many lives through your music?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "That's a very humbling thing; it keeps me focused on what I'm doing and it keeps me honest about what I'm singing about."

Music_gurl asks, "What's the most special song to you that you've sung?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Each song that I sing or write has a specific meaning to me... I don't record songs unless I feel strongly about them."

Jim4Jesus asks, "Do you have any plans to be on TV in the near future?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Not specifically, but I probably will be next year."

Sam_reigel asks, "Who was the biggest influence in helping you grow spiritually?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "My grandfather and one of the verses he used to teach me was Isaiah 30:15."

Cameraoperator asks, "At what age did you surrender to Jesus and how?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "I was four years old and I learned from my parents. I made that decision for myself in my bedroom."

Music_gurl asks, " I really like that song on ==Streams== you did. It was so peaceful. How did you come about to be on that album?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "The people at Word approached me about it and wanted me to be involved in singing and writing."

DeepRiver asks, "What was the most challenging recording/writing project you have done thus far?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "(laughing) Probably my first album because it my very first experience in a new country; it only took three years."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Michelle, I know you are joining us from a Restaurant in NY. Which one is it?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Rue 57 on 57th and 6th Avenue in New York City."

Music-fan1 asks, "What is your favorite food?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Chocolate!"

Fritzpw_Host says, "ahhhh, a fellow chocoholic!"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "And I can identify all types of chocolate, from all countries in the world."

Sam_reigel asks, "What is your church background, denomination?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "My background in Australia is Baptist."

Ebliever asks, "I understand you are quite shy. How did you overcome your anxieties in learning to perform in public? Has it gotten easier?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Thank you for asking that question. I pray a lot before I perform and during my performance. I want to see myself as God sees me and not how others see me; that is, I 'try' to see myself as God sees me."

Caree asks, "What has been the most difficult time in your career?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "One time I was in Nashville and I wanted to go home. I asked God, 'If You want something to happen to my career, please show me.' Five minutes later I got a call from the record company."

KC_kitty asks, "How many albums do you have out right now?
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Just one solo album and three compilation albums that I'm a part of, actually, it's four."

Sam_reigel asks, "Michelle, this sure is neat that you are taking the time to do this; especially, right after a performance!"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Awww, that's nice."

Iyq asks, "What is it like to work with {{Margaret Becker}}?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Wonderful, she's a lovely woman."

MK2 asks, "Do you use some of your own trials and tribulations you have experienced as a witnessing tool between songs?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, in the sense that they bring hope."

Music_gurl asks, "Do you have a special Christmas CD Michelle?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Yes, I love {{Handel}}'s "Messiah" I listen to it all the time during the Christmas season."

Tiki asks, "What in everyday life, inspires you most Michelle?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Everything, really, including the mundane things."

Sam_reigel asks, "Has your walk with the Lord always be so strong?"
{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "There are times where I have diverted a little bit, but I always come back to God's love, because I know what I'm missing."

Fritzpw_Host says, "Wow what a great event tonight! I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. Watch for Michelle's next release "Center of my Universe" in February 2000. Thanks for joining us! Michelle do you have any closing statements you would like to part with?"

{{Michelle Tumes}} says, "Thank you all those of you who've written to me, and thank you for listening to my music. I hope to see you at one of my concerts this coming year. Bye for now!"


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