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No Apples for Adam Interview

  • Updated Feb 01, 2002
No Apples for Adam Interview
Teen Forum journalist Janelle Briggs got a chance to sit down with one of Nashville's hottest new Christian bands, No Apples for Adam. The band consists of Micha (lead vocals, guitar), Dave (vocals, lead guitar), Chris (bass) and Jeremy (drums). How long have you guys been together?

Jeremy: Hmmm, good question.

Micha: Dave, Jeremy, and I have been together for six years, and Chris joined last September. Were you in any other bands before this band was formed?

Dave: Oh yeah! You have to get this: I was in a band called Rebel Stain! It was my high school band.

Micha: I was in one before this, a high school band, called Sacred Warrior.

Dave: The Yodeling Turtles!

Micha: Yeah, the Yodeling Turtles was another. They were just high school bands, nothing serious. I like that! When did your last album come out?

Micha: Last February, and we are working on a new one now. What is the "theme" of your music; what do you want to get across to people the most?

Micha: I think what we talk about the most and what our name, No Apples for Adam, means to me is that the world offers you so many things that seem so appealing for now, but God offers you something that is eternal. Say no to what the world offers you, and yes to what God offers you. Kids nowadays are bombarded with the world and what the world says is right.

Dave: Things that look really good on the outside, but on the inside are rotten. On your Web site, you have scripture verses going along with all of your songs.

Jeremy: We do?!? Yes! Come on! Ya'll are supposed to know this stuff! Do your songs stem from Scripture, or do you tie them back after they're written?

Micha: I think after they are written. I try to find a verse to make it scriptural!

Dave: Well, the earlier songs especially.

Micha: Now I have written some songs that are based off Scripture and things I've read in the Bible. We used to write abstract songs and tried to find something to make it have a scriptural meaning. How do you handle the pressure of being on stage? Everyone I've talked to said, "Oh my gosh! Theyre so awesome!" How do you handle that?

Jeremy: We're not!

Micha: Like the nervousness? More like not letting it go to your head.

Chris: God humbles us!

Dave: Seriously, He does. He knows what would happen if we got big heads. He lets us know who's in charge! Micha, you wrote a song that stems from the death of your father, and you talked about it during the concert. Could you share that again?

Micha: My room was right across from my dad's room. At that point, he was having a really hard time. It was kind of funny, both Jeremy's dad and my dad died of the same cancer, not too many months apart ... but not really. I wrote this song thinking that soon my dad's life would be over and he will have a much better life. And that, you know, I'm happy for him, he'll get to see Jesus. It will (his death) take away the pain, take away the crying. That's what I was thinking about when I wrote this song. Part of it said something to the effect of, "give your dreams up as well." What does that mean?

Micha: Oh, "lay down your dreams too." It's that we set so many ambitions. For my dad, it was quite humbling, because he had spent his whole life serving. He had been a missionary, and when you are put into the type of situation where you are bedridden, you have to lay down all of your ambitions for yourself and you're at the mercy of God. And I think it doesn't have to be just when you are sick that you realize that you need to lay down all of your goals and your personal ambitions and just be at the mercy of God and whatever He wants in your life. Did you guys always want to be musicians, or was there some other career that had your attention?

Jeremy: I wanted to be dropped out of an airplane, with nothing to survive with in the wilderness. I really enjoy the outdoors. I like a very quiet life.

Dave: One day I sat down and I thought, I really want to be good at something. I also thought that if I can choose one thing I want to do, it would be to play the guitar, so I started playing in Rebel Stain! That was just a night gig, and then I went to college and started playing with these guys. God showed me that He had a bigger plan for me, and He gave me the desire to really work at playing the guitar and to be good, and I still work at that. He had a plan to use that skill on a bigger scale than I could ever imagine. What did you want to be, Chris?

Chris: A police officer. I went to school to do that, and I got a degree in criminology. I was pursuing it, and I played the bass a little bit, but never really learned how to play. A friend of mine joined a band, and he asked me if I wanted to. So I basically dropped all of my plans to become a police officer to play in that band. The band broke up a year later, and I didn't really do anything for about six months, and a mutual friend of ours said, "these guys needed a bass player," so I joined this band in September of last year. If there could be one thing that you would want people to walk away from your concerts with, what would it be?

Micha: We used to say, "If you don't remember a single thing we say, remember to never grow satisfied in your relationship with Christ. People say, "oh I'm there!" But we need deep devotion; there is always more to God. We can never get to the place where we know everything there is to know about God. As Christians we think that we're doing pretty good, and we kind of ease back, and we can't do that." I think you should start saying that again.