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Plus One-The Making of the Band: Part 3

Plus One-The Making of the Band: Part 3
img src="" align=left>Matt: That's awesome! What will you guys say when you start getting the criticism, much like a Sixpence None the Richer, that you're crossing over, you're going mainstream? What's your answer going to be to that?

Nathan: The process to our music isn't changing, you know. We're not changing.

Jeremy: I just got an e-mail the other day, and I was responding to a lot of them that had asked that question. They said, "Oh, I heard you're going secular and that you're not going to be a Christian band anymore!" And, my response was, "We're always going to be a Christian band, if you want to call it that way. I mean, we're five guys who are always we're in love with God. And, think about what's in our hearts, you know? I mean, God designed us also to want to love and get married and stuff, so we're going to sing about those feelings, too. And, if those songs get picked up in the mainstream world, you know, that's cool.

Matt: It's changing your audience actually, people that need Christ, so it's actually a great thing. I mean, I'm all for it. I know your listening public out there can be sometimes critical about that kind of stuff.

Group: That's right. Yeah.

Matt: How was it being on Days of Our Lives?

Nate: It was cool. It was a lot different than we accepted. It was a lot less technical than we accepted. We kind of just showed up, did our thing and it was really relaxed and everybody had a good time and everyone treated us real well. It was fun.

Gabe: It was kind of cool, because you know how you see the soap operas and they have that glossy kind of look on the TV, we'd be on the set and look at the monitors and we'd see ourselves and have that same glossy look. It was weird being there, but it was cool.

Matt: As you look back on the year 2000, what has been the most exciting thing? Like, each of you say what has been the most exciting thing for you guys, individually.

Jason: As a person it's been exciting to see how my life has changed and how much I've grown just in the last year. That's been exciting for me to see just how we've each grown, really, as people, just being introduced to the real world, so to speak. But, I don't know, event-wise. My favorite thing we've ever sang at is probably, one of my favorites, is we sang at a Lakers' game back in the spring I think it was. I don't know when it was, but it was really cool. There was like 18,000 people there, it was packed, and we each stepped out to do our solos and stuff and the spotlight was on us. And, it was a really cool thing!

Jeremy: I think my favorite event, it's weird, but the tour was really fun for me. Actually, one of the last tour dates was in my hometown and, I don't know why, but I was just so excited about being back home. And, performing there was our first ticketed concert in Springfield, Mo, where I'm from. And, so, I don't know to me to be able to go home and have, like, my family there, and my parents, and brother and sister and everything. I mean, that was, like, lots of friends and stuff, you know to have them actually get to see kind of this year and a half and everything that's happened that has led up to that point, was a really cool thing to me.

Nathan: A lot of stuff is pretty much at the same level as things I like, but something that sticks out in my mind is when we went down to Orlando, to Disney World, and sang on a Christmas special with a lot of other artists, and I think we sang a song with Monica and we sang back-up for her Grown Up Christmas List.

Matt: How was the Jaci tour? What was the best part?

Nate: I guess one of the good things about this tour was that it was a good-selling tour. There was a good amount of people there, so you knew before you were going to sing that there were people ready to listen and enjoy it. So it was good because I know that not every tour is like that. The concerts were usually pretty full.

Jason: For a lot of people, that was their first time seeing us live, so that was cool, they got exposed to our music. The tour overall was a good tour for us. Like I said, it exposed us to a lot of people that might not normally listen to our music, and it was cool. Like Nate said, the crowds were great and we had a lot of fans come out which was fun. We had a good time on tour, but we're all glad it's over so we can relax, 'cause we did 68 cities, so that can get kind of long and tiring.

Matt: Are you looking forward to headlining?

Group: Yes! Definitely!

Matt: When does your tour start?

Nate: Spring, probably in the beginning of March. The plan right now is to be headlining, and we'll be bringing out Stacie Orrica and Rachael Lampa. We actually thought about them because they're real young, and I think the whole tour is going to be a real young field. We enjoy listening to their music, so it will be real neat to have the friendships on the tour and getting along and having a good time doing it together. Right now, I think we're scheduled to do 40 cities, but I'm not sure how we're doing right now. I think we have about 35 that are confirmed so far. Our goal is to do 40 cities.