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Roaring Lambs: Sense and Nonsense

  • Bob Briner Co-founder and president of ProServ Television
  • Published May 27, 1999
Roaring Lambs: Sense and Nonsense
Well kids, we've been meeting here in cyberspace on for several months. I have really enjoyed it and feel comfortable with our relationship. I get the sense you feel pretty much the same way. Your increasing communication with me has indicated that. Many of you have even felt free to disagree with me. I really like that. We have gotten some good exchanges going from which we have both learned. Of course, those of you who have disagreed with me have been wrong (smile!), but I appreciate you nonetheless.

With all the above in mind, I feel very free to be blunt with you about all the Y2K and millennium nonsense being pounded into Christians these days. Do not get involved. Period. Full report. Full stop. All of this stuff is anti-faith, anti-biblical, anti-gospel, and anti-Christian. It is a trap for unwary Christians set up by the Prince of this world. It is meant to distract us from the vital and important things we are called to do, commanded to do by Jesus, our glorious Savior. Now, let me tell you how I really feel.

We serve an eternal, never-changing God, who has given us eternal, never-changing verities. His Son has given us very clear, very precise marching orders. None of this changes because of calendar dates or supposed computer glitches. Our mandate to live holy lives, to be the salt of the earth, to proclaim the gospel and to make disciples has not changed and will not change until we get to heaven or until Jesus comes again. Anything that distracts us from this is evil.

The gospel, the most valuable thing on earth, is always free. Have you noticed that all the Y2K junk comes with a price tag? Someone is trying to sell you something -- books, generators, dried food, gold, or guns. The Y2K and millennium tripe is always about serving self - make sure I will have food, electricity, gold and guns to protect them from others. Where is the gospel in all of this?

Have you seen all the Y2K ads popping up in even the most respected Christian magazines? Have you been as dismayed as I have that Christians would be targeted in this way? It says something bad about the way we are perceived by the shysters and hucksters. It shows that they think we are anti-intellectual gullible boobs who look to ourselves first, saying may the Devil take the hindmost. They are telling us to hoard food, water, or gold and to get guns to keep from having to share with anyone who might be in need.

There is no gospel in any of this. There is no going the second mile, no cup of cold water in His name, no offering of the Bread of Life. There is no faith and no trust in all the promises that our God will take care of us, that it is in Him we find sufficiency. We don't look for peace and security in locks, guns, gold, generators and hoarding.

In a cosmic sense, Christians shouldn't care what time it is. It doesn't matter. All we need to keep in mind is that every new day means that we are one day nearer to the return of Jesus, and that we are one day closer to standing in His presence. And, we need to keep in mind that the world in which we are presently living desperately needs for us to be salt, desperately needs for us to proclaim the glorious gospel of Christ, and desperately needs for us to be making disciples who will be able and motivated to do the same.

Perhaps most of all, the world needs to see that Christians are people of steadfast faith intent on being obedient to the commands of the One we love and serve. They should see Christians as people who want to help and heal, not as people who are likely to hoard and harm.

Forget all the Y2K and Millennium baloney. Be faithful. Love, serve and share the gospel.