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Soulfire Revolution - Set The World On Fire (Official Music Video)

Soulfire Revolution - Set The World On Fire (Official Music Video)

Soulfire Revolution - "Set The World On Fire" Available on iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/e5j5hc. New album, Afterglow out 8/21. Pre-order T-shirt + CD today: http://dreamrecords.merchnow.com For more information visit: www.soulfirerevolution.com and www.dreamlabelgroup.com.

"Set The World On Fire" Lyrics:

we want to see a change in us
you're all we need

We give you our whole lives
Your perfect love will set us free

Woah, woah - we want Your flame to grow
Woah woah God ignite our souls

we wanna set the world on fire
it starts on the inside, it starts on the inside
we wanna bring the dead to life
it starts on the inside

It’s time to believe that we can be the ones who make history
we need your strength to love the lost and give our everything

Written by: Lorena Castellanos, Julian Gamba, Joshua Silverberg, Kipp Williams

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