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Supertones Chase The Sun Tour

  • Updated Feb 01, 2002
Supertones Chase The Sun Tour
The Music Channel at is proud to present Supertones' fall "Chase The Sun" tour -- with special guests All Star United, Plankeye, Flight 180, and comedian Bob Smiley. Check out complete tour dates below!

The OC Supertones have played for the Pope, President Clinton, and MTV, but this fall the Supertones are playing for the most important people of all - the fans. The Davdon Artist Agency is pleased to announce the eagerly awaited "Chase the Sun" tour, featuring the OC Supertones, along with special guests {{All Star United}}, {{Plankeye}} and {{One Eighty}}. This massive, big-bill, multi-artist ticket will hit more than forty major markets between October and November in such monster venues as the Hershey Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania; Paramount's Great America theme park in San Jose, California; and the Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, Florida.

The "Chase the Sun" Tour will be the Supertones first main outing in support of their new album by the same name. The ==Chase the Sun== album is a monumental Christian release, recorded at Sound City Studio (Nirvana's Nevermind) with producer Gggarth (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers), engineer Darren Grahm (Metallica, Bryan Adams), and mixer Jim Rondinelli (Everclear, Matthew Sweet). To no one's surprise, Chase the Sun debuted as the number one best-selling album in all of Christian music the week it was released early last Spring.

The Supertones are praised for popularizing dub-punk and British 2-tone influences in the Christian market. The band's previous album, ==Supertones Strike Back==, has already sold 300,000 copies, making it BEC's all-time best selling album. With ==Chase the Sun==, the Supertones stretch beyond their own breakthrough style by using more rock, hip-hop, and pop elements to complement their catchy, energized sound. This growth paid off as ==Chase the Sun== has already sold nearly 150,000 copies in significantly less time than it took ==StrikeBack== to cross that same threshold. ==Chase the Sun== continues its massive sales trend in anticipation of their upcoming tour and with continued radio action. Chase the Sun has already seen the song "One Voice" capture the number one spot on the Christian rock charts, while "Away From You," a duet with Crystal Lewis, hit number five on the CHR charts.

Previous to the new album's release, Supertones headlined the Skamania tour, which, averaging almost 3,000 patrons per night, out drew both the concurrent GooGoo Dolls and {{Jars of Clay}} tours. The Supertones since hit twenty markets with the {{Newsboys}} and then headlined or co-headlined every major summer festival in the Christian market (Cornerstone, Creation, Sonshine, et al). The "Chase the Sun" Tour will be the first official tour for the Supertones best-selling new album.

Striving to make this one of the biggest tours of the year, The Supertones and Davdon Artist Agency decided to create a monster, mega-bill that featured additional top-selling Christian acts. Essential recording artists {{All Star United}} and BEC recording artists {{Plankeye}} join the ticket as two of the hottest, high-profile bands in Christian rock. Opening each night will be BEC's fastest growing, up 'n' coming new band, {{One Eighty}}. All three support acts have recently released albums as well that they will be supporting.

Regarding the huge multi-artist line-up, artist manager David Bahnsen remarks, "We felt that with the down-swing in momentum on major concert tours over the last year, it was time to try and produce a package that really offered a good bang for the consumer's buck. We have worked hard and succeeded in making this an event, not just a concert tour."

The "Chase the Sun" Tour is sponsored by (, the premier portal site for the on-line Christian community and named "Christian Web Site of the Year" for the last two years running by Best of the Christian Web ( Likewise, the Music Channel at was recently named "Best Christian Music Web Site" by (formerly The Mining Company). Also sponsoring the tour are Food for the Hungry and Zoo Clothing.

The "Chase the Sun" Tour will also be a time of focused ministry. The Supertones set will include a time of worship and a strong, Christ-centered message each and every night. Supertones drummer Jason Carson remarks, "With everything, the band is all about the message. God has done so much in our lives that we feel strongly about telling everyone about it. We use music and any other means we can to convey a message about how much God loves us and how much he's done for us."


Location: Darrien Lake, New York
Date: Aug 27, 1999
Phone: (716) 633-1117

Venue: Rolla
Location: Rolla, Missouri
Date: Aug 28, 1999
Phone: (573) 368-0904

Venue: Universal Studios
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: Sep 11, 1999

Venue: Silverado High School
Location: Victorville, California
Date: Oct 01, 1999

Venue: Paramount's Great America
Location: Santa Clara, California
Date: Oct 02, 1999
Phone: (408) 369-8222

Venue: Tucson Convention Center Arena
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Date: Oct 05, 1999
Phone: (520) 790-2440

Venue: Abraham Chavez Theater
Location: El Paso, Texas
Date: Oct 06, 1999
Phone: 915-856-7786

Venue: Humble Civic Arena
Location: Humble, Texas
Date: Oct 08, 1999
Phone: (281) 446-5725

Venue: New Church
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date: Oct 09, 1999
Phone: 405-794-3375

Venue: Memorial Hall
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Date: Nov 10, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Frank's House of Rock
Location: DesMoines, Iowa
Date: Oct 13, 1999
Phone: (515) 226-1913

Venue: Temple Baptist Church
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Date: Oct 15, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Lakewood Civic Auditorium
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Date: Oct 18, 1999
Phone: (330) 971-9008

Venue: Virginia Theater
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Date: Oct 20, 1999
Phone: (630) 906-9633

Venue: Veteran's Memorial Auditorium
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: Oct 21, 1999
Phone: (937) 642-7912

Venue: Hershey
Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Date: Oct 22, 1999
Phone: (717) 392-3206

Venue: Philadelphia
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: Oct 23, 1999
Phone: (609) 654-8440

Venue: New Brunswick
Location: New Brunswick, Canada, Michigan
Date: Oct 25, 1999
Phone: (506) 325-2537

Venue: Bridgeport
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Date: Oct 27, 1999
Phone: (203) 255-3401

Venue: Albany, GA
Location: Albany, Georgia
Date: Nov 04, 1999
Phone: (912) 436-5700

Venue: Atlanta
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: Nov 05, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Lakeland
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Date: Nov 06, 1999
Phone: (941) 859-1477

Venue: Champagne, IL
Location: Champagne, Illinois
Date: Nov 11, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Grand Rapids, MI
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Date: Nov 12, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Wheaton, IL
Location: Wheaton, Illinois
Date: Nov 13, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Colorado Springs
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date: Nov 16, 1999
Phone: (303) 941-3274

Venue: Spokane
Location: Spokane, Washington
Date: Nov 18, 1999
Phone: (630) 906-9633

Venue: Tacoma
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Date: Nov 19, 1999

Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Portland
Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: Nov 20, 1999
Phone: (312) 266-6262

Venue: Ennepetal, Germany
Location: Ennepetal, Germany, Maine
Date: Dec 04, 1999
Phone: Email:

Venue: Buena Park, CA with 180
Location: Buena Park, California
Date: Jan 01, 2000
Phone: 714-220-5393

Venue: Altoona
Location: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Date: Mar 31, 2000
Phone: 717-261-3140

Venue: Pontiac, MI
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Date: Apr 15, 2000
Phone: 248-456-1600