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Ten Questions with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Carol Cymbala

  • Christa A. Banister Integrity Music
  • 2008 20 Feb
Ten Questions with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Carol Cymbala

Music, not to mention the modern worship scene, may have significantly changed in the past 27 years, but the mission of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir hasn’t with its new project, I’ll Say Yes.

Even though the project marks the group’s 26th album, founder Carol Cymbala isn’t particularly impressed with the choir’s longevity. Rather, Cymbala is amazed “how loving and merciful our awesome God is to use a simple group of singers from Brooklyn.”

In a recent interview with Integrity Music, Cymbala talks about the Tab’s latest project, what’s next for the group, and what she hopes people will take away from listening.

Integrity Music:  Tell me a little about the recording process this time around. What was particularly exciting to watch?

Carol Cymbala:  We included the worship and praise of the congregation on the project. The church sang with all their hearts, and I think the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s music is more eclectic than ever before.

Integrity:  As the producer of the project, what is your specific role?

Cymbala:  I chose all the songs, recorded vocals and basically oversaw every detail of the project.

Integrity:  For those who aren’t familiar with the story, wow did the group get started in the first place?

Cymbala:  We came from humble beginnings in a small church in downtown Brooklyn. I began with nine voices, and as the church began to grow, so did the choir. Today we have close to 300 singers lifting their voices in praise to our God.

Integrity:  What has been the most rewarding experience with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

Cymbala:  It’s been amazing to see changed lives glorifying the Savior who has saved and redeemed them. When I look at the choir with people of every race and background, I’m reminded of what heaven will be like. People from all over the world singing and praising His name for all eternity—that’s pretty exciting.

Integrity:  Tell me about the significance of the title, I’ll Say Yes. What do you hope people will say yes to?

Cymbala:  It’s wonderful to lift our hearts in praise and worship, but I believe the deepest form of worship is when we say yes to God and His will for our lives—not our will, but His be done.

Integrity:  When someone listens to the new album, what do you hope he/she will take away?

Cymbala:  I hope they will be brought into His presence and will be overwhelmed by His grace and greatness.

Integrity: What’s next for the group in terms of touring?

Cymbala: We are going to California, Philadelphia, Chicago and overseas to Brazil and South Africa.

Integrity: With all the recognition the group has received over the years, how do you find moments for personal worship?

Cymbala: With all the responsibility I have, my time with the Lord is very important. It’s wonderful to know that I can have communion with Him—not only in my quiet time at home, but wherever I go. He’s a loving Savior and always with me.

Integrity:  What is your definition of modern worship and how has that been brought forth through the work of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

Cymbala:  There is no modern or old school worship before God. The only true worship is “in spirit and in truth.” God sees worship that is heartfelt, honest and sincere.

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