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  • Published Jan 14, 1999
"Imagine your favorite musical...great story, gorgeous sets, wonderful songs...then chop everyone's arms and legs off. That's Veggie Tales."
--Bob the Tomato

by Mike & Amy Nappa

Kids are definitely into vegetables these days. Oh, not normal vegetables that sit on your plate and dare you to eat them. Today's kids are irresistibly attracted to vegetables that sing, talk, teach Bible lessons, and occasionally have super-suction ears. That's why they've made {{Veggie Tales}} one of the hottest-selling video series around.

Some think the stars of Veggie Tales (Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber) are fictional creatures who live only in the animated world of Veggie Tales. "Phil Vischer is the voice of Bob," they say, "and Larry's voice is done by Mike Nawrocki!" But we knew better. So, after weeks of relentless pursuit, we met up with Bob and Larry in an clandestine spot somewhere in Chicago. Here's what they had to say...

MN: What are your full names?

BOB: (Bob the Tomato). "Bob" from my grandfather, "Roberto Tomato," and "The" from my uncle "The."

LARRY: (Larry the Cucumber). "Larry" from my great grandfather "Larinald Cucumber," and "The" from Bob's uncle "The."

AN: How did you get into acting and making videos?

BOB: Oh, let me tell you, it wasn't easy! Larry and I made an appearance on Star Search with Ed McMahon.

LARRY: Yeah...things were going great until Ed got a little hungry and started looking at us kinda funny.

MN: Oh dear. Ahem. Well, what's so special about Veggie Tales that made you want to be a part of it?

BOB: Well actually, first we wanted to be in Baywatch. Larry and I both auditioned for the role played by David Hasselhoff.

LARRY: The swimsuit didn't fit.

BOB: Nope. Then we heard that Big Idea Productions was developing a show called Veggie Tales, with an all-vegetable cast! Our first thought was...Hey! We're vegetables!! It was a perfect fit.


AN: Interesting. What's the main message you want to communicate to kids through your videos?

BOB: There are lots of lessons that kids can learn from Veggie Tales-forgiveness, loving our neighbors, resisting peer pressure-but the most important theme we repeat at the end of every show: "Remember, God made you special and He loves you very much!" If every kid carries away nothing but the knowledge of God's love, we've done our jobs.

MN: From our personal experience, as many adults as youngsters are watching and enjoying your videos. Have you anything you would like to say to these big kids?

BOB: Don't forget to let your kids watch them too! No, really...Our employers work very hard to make Veggie Tales videos family events, instead of just diversions for the kids. If we can create videos that appeal strongly to all ages, parents will gladly watch them with their kids and be able afterwards to help their children apply the lessons.

LARRY: Gee BobI guess that correspondence course in Media Psychology really paid off!

BOB: Yep!

AN: How would you describe Veggie Tales to someone who has never seen or heard it?

BOB: Well, imagine your favorite musical...great story, gorgeous sets, wonderful songs...then chop everyone's arms and legs off. That's Veggie Tales.

LARRY: Kinda scary, isn't it?

AN: Uh, yes. Okay...Now that Veggie Tales is so popular, how do you balance your fame and your personal lives?

BOB: Let me tell you, it isn't easy! In fact, it's gotten so bad, Larry can't even go to the supermarket anymore!

MN: Why? Autograph hounds?

LARRY: No. Salad Shooter demonstrations. Gives me nightmares!

AN: How does it make you feel to see your faces splashed on t-shirts and the like?

BOB: It makes me feel real good.

LARRY: It makes me feel good too...except when I start to fade. Then I feel sleepy.

MN: What's it like to work with Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki?

LARRY: Oh, we have nothing but respect for Mr. Vischer and Mr. Nawrocki! They are the consummate professionals!

BOB: Oooh! Good word Larry!

LARRY: Thanks. Mr. Vischer promised that if I said that, I'd get your trailer next time.

BOB: What?!?

LARRY: And your masseuse.

BOB: Well, you can just tell him...

AN: Moving on...If you could say anything to all the parents buying Veggie Tales products what would you say?

LARRY: Hey! Leave some for the kids!

BOB: Ahhh...Larrynever mind. Thanks folks! If it wasn't for you, we'd be back on the Ponderosa salad bar by now.

MN: Finally, what's something everyone should know about Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber?

BOB: Well, its really more of a confession.

LARRY: Be brave, Bob.

AN: What is it?

BOB: Well, we're fruits.

MN: What?

BOB: Seeds. We've got seeds on the inside. Botanically speaking, that makes Larry and

MN: But the name...Veggie Tales!

LARRY: A sham. Completely false!

BOB: "Fruit Tales" didn't have much of a ring to it. We never meant for anyone to get hurt...

AN: I feel ill...

LARRY: Um, I hope this doesn't change your opinion of our employers...I still maintain that Mr. Vischer and Mr. Nawrocki are professional cosmonauts!

BOB: Let it go, Larry.

MN: Well, thank you for your time. It has been...illuminating.
It's a Veggie World

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