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WoW 1999

  • 2000 1 Jan
WoW 1999
With three platinum records securing the {{WoW series}} as one of the most successful recording projects in Christian music history, Sparrow Records' ==WoW 1999==, the double CD/cassette featuring the year's top 30 Christian artists and songs, will ship gold on October 20, with platinum sales expected within the first six-months of release.

==WoW 1999== will also feature companion two-part long-form video package. "WoW 1999 The Video" features 15 music videos of artists and "WoW 1999 Biography" provides a deeper look into the heart of several WOW artists.

Artists featured on ==WoW 1999== are {{dc Talk}}, {{Newsboys}}, {{Jars of Clay}}, {{Supertones}}, {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}, {{Avalon}}, {{Bob Carlisle}}, {{Point of Grace}}, {{Michael W. Smith}}, {{Jaci Velasquez}} and more. The two CDs/cassettes are divided by style of music. One features rock and alternative pop, while the other includes pop and inspirational music.

"WoW has become the calling card for Christian music. Retailers, both Christian and mainstream, see WoW as one of the most important music projects to carry in their stores, particularly for the holiday season," according to Scott Hughes, Sr. Vice President for Strategic Marketing for the WoW series. "We've created a very aggressive marketing campaign that will ensure high visibility of WoW, which will help WoW 1999 become one of the biggest sellers of the year."

The ==WoW 1999== marketing plan calls for extensive coverage in both the Christian and mainstream retail markets, including key positions at stores such as WalMart, Target, Musicland, Blockbuster, Camelot, Borders, Kmart, Best Buy and others.

The WoW series began in 1996 as a cooperative alliance between the three major Christian distribution companies - EMI Christian Music Group, Word Entertainment and Provident Distribution to raise awareness and sales of Christian music. WoW is produced under the Sparrow label, which is part of EMI CMG.

==WOW 1999== Track Listings
"Into Jesus" - {{DC Talk}}
"Crazy Times" - {{Jars Of Clay}}
"Entertaining Angels" - {{Newsboys}}
"Love Me Good" - {{Michael W. Smith}}
"Pray" - {{Rebecca St. James}}
"Deeper" - {{Delirious?}}
"Undo Me" - {{Jennifer Knapp}}
"Little Man" - {{Supertones}}
"Anything Genuine" - {{Smalltown Poets}}
"What Would Jesus Do?" - {{Big Tent Revival}}
"The Devil Is Bad" - The {{W's}}
"If You Really Knew" - {{Out Of Eden}}
"His Cheeseburger" - {{VeggieTales}}
"Chevette" - {{Audio Adrenaline}}
"Agnus Dei" - {{Third Day}}
"Steady On" - {{Point Of Grace}}
"God So Loved" - {{Jaci Velasquez}}
"Testify To Love" - {{Avalon}}
"In The Hands Of Jesus" - {{Bob Carlisle}}
"Somewhere Down The Road" - {{Amy Grant}}
"I Will Not Go Quietly" - {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
"Lord I Believe In You" - {{Crystal Lewis}}
"That Where I Am, There You Will Also Be" - {{Rich Mullins}} (with {{Amy Grant}} and {{Michael W. Smith}})
"Can't Get Past The Evidence" - {{4Him}}
"Healing Waters" - {{Michelle Tumes}}
"The Power Of A Moment" - {{Chris Rice}}
"He Will Make A Way" - {{Kathy Trocolli}}
"The Light On The Hill" - {{Maire Brennan}}
"Never Be" - {{Carman}}
"Strollin' on the Water" - {{Bryan Duncan}}
"To Know You" - {{Nichole Nordeman}}
"There Is A God" - {{Natalie Grant}}
"Lord of the Eternity" - {{Fernando Ortega}}

WOW 1999 - The Videos Music Video Listings:
"Entertaining Angels" - {{Newsboys}}*
"Crazy Times" - {{Jars of Clay}}*
"God So Loved" - {{Jaci Velasquez}}
"Deeper" - {{Delirious?}}
"Lord I Believe In You" - {{Crystal Lewis}}*
"Love Me Good" - {{Michael W. Smith}}*
"Some Kind of Zombie" - {{Audio Adrenaline}}
"Little Man" - {{Supertones}}
"Kiss Me" - {{Sixpence None The Richer}}
"You Make Me Mad" - {{Third Day}}
"What Would Jesus Do?" - {{Big Tent Revival}}
"Steady On" - {{Point of Grace}}
"The Devil Is Bad" - The {{W's}}
"His Cheeseburger" - {{VeggieTales}}
"Not Home Yet" - {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}

*indicates that video features an in-depth interview