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Christianity Works - February 27

  • 2012 Feb 27

The Perfect Church
by Berni Dymet

John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

It's so easy to poke fun at this thing called "church" because we live in a world where we're duped into believing that money can buy perfection… it's pretty easy to see that the church is far from perfect.  I was struck by this deep truth in a rather old-fashioned, quaint little poem that I stumbled across recently.  Why don't you have a listen with me:

I think that I shall never see, a church that's all it's meant to be; A Church whose members never stray, beyond the straight and narrow way; A church that has no empty pews, whose pastor never has the blues; A church whose elders always speak, and none is proud and all are meek. Such perfect churches there may be, but none of them are known to me. But still we'll work and pray and plan, to make our church the best we can.

See, it seems to me - we can either stand on the side lines, poke fun at it and be part of the problem, or we can get in the game and be part of the solution.    

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