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Love AND Justice - A Different Perspective - January 22

  • 2020 Jan 22

Love AND Justice

by Berni Dymet

Hos. 12:6   But as for you, return to your God, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.

Something I used to wonder about is - why did God have to send Jesus to die for me on the cross? If He's God and I've done something wrong - and I say "sorry" - why doesn't He just forgive me?

I think that's a fair question.

And the answer lies in the fact that God is both loving and just. Because He loves us, He wants us to be close to Him for all eternity -but His justice demands that a price be paid for our rebellion - our SIN.

I mean, look at any decent justice system - there has to be a punishment for the crime, otherwise it wouldn't be justice.

But God's love is so great - that He doesn't want us to suffer that punishment.  That's why He sent us Jesus.  And there at the cross - the dilemma between God's love and His justice in dealing with our rebellion, that dilemma is resolved.

We have a name for that. We call it … grace.


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