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A Word with You - Apr. 21, 2011

  • 2011 Apr 21

A 3-D Savior

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Now, if we get together regularly by radio, we have sort of a strange relationship, you and I, don't we? I mean it's very possible you only know me by radio, and that could be a break for you. Probably some folks who know me would say, "Yeah, that's probably better we just know him by radio." You only know my voice; sort of a one-dimensional relationship. Now, it's always amusing when people find out how I look. Yeah, they have a mental image. They'll be somewhere where I'm speaking and say, "Oh, this is it? We thought you looked different."

Now, occasionally I've had an opportunity to be on TV. And maybe when I did a guest appearance on Wild Kingdom, maybe you saw me there. But, when I am on television, and if you were to see me there, you'd know me two dimensionally. You'd be able to see me and hear me. Frankly, what I enjoy most is meeting listeners in person, as I've had the opportunity maybe with you. And I do have that chance many times. We can shake hands, we can look each other in the eye, we can interact with each other instead of just being in a one-way conversation like today. And when you meet someone that you've only seen or heard before, you've got a 3-D, a three-dimensional relationship. And that's the best kind.

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