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A Word with You - June 20, 2019

  • 2019 Jun 20


The "Together Forever" Insurance Program

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You get pretty immune to the scenery on the roads that you travel all the time. There's an entrance to an Interstate where I used to live in New Jersey that was like that for me. I used that ramp all the time, and there's a sharp bend in it and there are these big SLOW signs, and I was used to those. There were signs with these black arrows against the yellow backdrop that point out that sudden bend to the left, and I hardly ever noticed those.

One night I was driving that stretch, basically paying no attention to those familiar markers, and then I noticed something that wasn't usually there. It stood out! It was a hand painted sign sticking up from the railing and it had a simple inscription that haunted me for a long time. It just said, "10-28-88 Together Forever." Now, I don't know why it was there. Maybe it could have been some kind of a romantic remembrance, but my hunch is that there was probably an accident on that treacherous curve and maybe even a couple died together there, and someone assumed that they would then be together forever. Not necessarily.

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