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A Word with You - June 7, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 07


Capturing the Time in Between

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I remember when I was a kid we used to take my dad out to the airport for business trips. And as I'd see him leaving with his briefcase on those old airplanes (well, they weren't old then, but they seem that way now). I thought, "Oh, flying would be glamorous wouldn't it, if you had to go fly a lot." Yeah, well I've learned since, having had to fly a lot of times, and sometimes every month. If you've seen one plane, you've seen them all.

Now, for example, I used to fly often to Chicago from New York, and there are about two hours in between. You're leaving something important, and you're going to something important. But then there's the time in-between that can be such, like dead time.

You think that's bad? I went to South Africa some years ago. It was 18 hours...the same equation - leaving something important; going to something important, but all this dead time in between. But I learned that the time between destinations can be valuable too. You don't have to use the headphones. You don't have to watch the movie. You don't have to just think about plastic lunches or read about the life jacket. Some of my best time to create, to write, to prepare, to think, has been on an airplane. You really can make use of that seemingly useless time en route.

tant things and you're not doing much. Well God says through this passage, where you are right now is important, not just where you're going to be. Give 100% to this assignment. Act as if you'll be there forever. Because in the course of capturing where you are, God will show you where you are going to be. This is God's will right now! This situation as much as that next milestone will be. Serve Christ actively in between. Do things for Him that you may not be able to do when the next big destination comes along. Don't waste this travel time. Capture the time in between.


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