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A Word with You - Sept. 22, 2010

  • 2010 Sep 22


Only One Choice

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The other night, as I was "remoting" my way across our TV channels, I came to a quick stop when I saw that one particular movie was on - "Chariots of Fire." Years ago, it won the Oscar for "Best Movie," but that's not why I stopped to watch it - it was because of how that movie impacted me the first time I saw it. It's the story of Eric Liddell, a famous Scottish Olympic runner. He had reached his dream of representing the United Kingdom as a 100-meter runner in the 1924 Olympics. Then, en route to the Games, he learned that his event would be on Sunday - the day Eric Liddell believed was reserved for God. A day on which his deep convictions would not allow him to participate.

The movie portrays the pressure placed on Eric Liddell to run that Sunday - pressure that came even from the future King of England. Liddell puts God first and stands his ground. He accepts the suggestion that he run later in an event that was not his event - the 400-meter race. There is a memorable moment in the movie when another runner slips Eric Liddell a note just before his race. It reads, "The old Book says, 'He that honors Me I will honor.'" That day Eric Liddell won the gold...and, as the movie points out at the end, went on to become a missionary to China who died for the Lord in a prison camp - and, as the movie says, "All Scotland mourned."

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