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How can I Preach Expositional Sermons to Uneducated Hearers?- Answers for Pastors - November 13

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How can I preach expositional sermons to uneducated hearers?

Teach your people why you preach expositionally. Consider preaching a sermon in which you explain the necessity and benefits of expositional preaching as well as how to listen to an expositional sermon.

When you use theological terms, explain what they mean.

Develop clear sermon outlines. This gives your people a place to mentally hang their hats.

Give away good theological books and articles. This will both educate your congregation and stir up their appetite for theologically richer teaching.

Encourage your congregation to regularly read through Scripture. Provide reading plans and devotional guides like D.A. Carson’s For the Love of God.

Have occasional public question and answer sessions so that people can ask questions about the sermon and other matters. This could be done at a lunch after church or during an evening or mid-week service.

As you prepare each sermon, think about specific church members. What would they have a hard time understanding or applying?

Speak with your people about the sermons. Ask them questions that will show you how much they understand.

(This material has been adapted from Phil Newton’s article, “How do I preach expositional sermons to uneducated hearers?”)

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