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What are Some Practical Ways For a Pastor to Love His Family? - Answers for Pastors - October 12

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What are some practical ways for a pastor to love his family?

Take the initiative to establish a plan for family worship, then follow the plan!

Come home at the exact time you say you will be home and prepare your heart to serve your family, not be served.

Take responsibility for your children’s education and discipline—don’t leave it to your wife to figure out.

Share with your wife and kids some of the good things that are going on in the church; then thank them for helping to make those things possible.

Use every hour of your vacation time. And take a vacation that does not involve extended family; restrict it to just your wife and kids.

Take a two week vacation.

Diligently guard your days off.

There are times when it seems like you have to choose whether to be a good dad and husband or a good pastor. Good pastors choose to be good dads and husbands.

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