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Daily in Christ 1/24

January 24




John 8:36 

If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed


The contrast between bondage and freedom in a believer's life is beautifully illustrated in the following letter from a successful professional man.


Dear Neil:


My emotional troubles were probably rooted in my childhood experiences with horror movies, Ouija boards, etc. I clearly remember fearing a visit from devilish forces after I saw the movie titled The Blood of Dracula.


My father had a pretty hot temper and was given to emotional outbursts. My survival response was to sulk and blame myself for upsetting him. Bottling my emotions inside became a way of life. As I grew into adulthood, I continued to blame myself for any and all personal shortcomings and misfortunes.


Then I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I grew spiritually over the next several years, but I never enjoyed complete peace. There was always a lingering doubt about my relationship with God whom I saw as distant and stern. I had difficulty praying, reading the Bible and paying attention to the pastor's sermons. I seriously questioned the purpose of life. I experienced horrible nightmares which woke me up screaming.


It was during my time of prayer with you that I finally found freedom in Christ. Now when I read God's Word, I understand it like never before. I have developed a more positive attitude, and my entire relationship with my Lord has completely changed. Since our meeting, I haven't had one nightmare.


I'm not saying that every spiritual problem is the result of direct demonic activity. But you may be in bondage because you have overlooked or denied the reality of demonic powers at work in the world. Your inheritance in Christ is the basis for your complete freedom promised in Scripture.


Prayer: Help me not to be a spiritual ostrich today, but to be alert to my enemy's tactics and to Your truth.

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