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Dave's Daily Devo - April 11

  • 2016 Apr 11

I’d Rather Do It Myself

Matthew 27:32

I can get touchy when it comes to letting someone help me out. “Want some help carrying in that picnic table?” “I’m fine! I’ve got it.” “Want a break from driving so that you can rest a little?” “No problem! I’m not tired at all.” The one man who ever lived who could truthfully say, “No problem! I’ve got it” allowed an African man to carry the crossbeam of His cross. After the soldiers beat and whipped Him, mocked, and then led Him out of the city toward Golgotha, Jesus was too weak to carry His own cross and He didn’t fall back on His divine omnipotence. He allowed Simon from Cyrene in Northern Africa to lift the load.

“As they went out, they met a man of Cyrene, named Simon. This one they compelled to pick up and carry His cross." - Matthew 27:32 

LORD, help me to accept my own fragile humanity. Help me not to be so stuck up with proving my own strength that I close the door on those who are trying to help me. Thank you that Simon has gone down in history as the man who carried your cross and that Rufus, one of his sons, is mentioned by the Apostle Paul as a believer. When I need help, help me not to be too proud to receive it.

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