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Dave's Daily Devo - January 19

  • 2017 Jan 19


Luke 4:1-13


You’re reading a story and suddenly a new character steps into the action. He attacks the hero of your story at his weakest moment, challenges him to prove his identity, entices him to worship the ground he walks on, and then tempts him to foolishly risk his life to prove divine protection.  When none of this works, he slinks away and awaits another time to bring his prey down. What do you think—good character or bad?

The devil is hardly a new character for most of us. We’ve been raised hearing stories about his red suit, horns, and pitchfork.  Hollywood even scares us with horror films where he’s the star. This season there’s even a new TV series called “Lucifer.” Since reading Luke’s Gospel again, I realized that he introduces the devil for the first time in the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  This is the first time in Luke that the devil steps out on the stage. Like he did in Genesis 3, he just suddenly shows up and starts to talk and tempt. Watching how he comes against Jesus in the wilderness moves me to hate him and what he does more. There’s a reason he’s called “diabolos” in Luke’s Greek text. It literally means the “slanderer.”    

I’m thankful today that Luke also makes it clear that though the devil is a bad character with power and deceit, he isn’t omnipresence.

“He left Jesus until a more opportune time.” Luke 4:13

LORD, use Luke’s introduction of the devil into the Story and the powerful revelation of the devil’s evil character to move me to hate him more as I live today. Use me to help others realize that he’s no laughing matter. Protect my heart from his lies and help me to only bow before You.

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