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Let the Journey Begin - Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus - June 2

  • 2012 Jun 02

Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus

From Let the Journey Begin by Max Lucado

You Are One of a Kind

John 3:16

In my closet hangs a sweater that I seldom wear. It is too small. The sleeves are too short, the shoulders too tight. Some of the buttons are missing, and the thread is frazzled. Logic says I should clear out the space and get rid of the sweater.

That’s what logic says.

But love won’t let me.

Something unique about that sweater makes me keep it. What is unusual about it? It’s the creation of a devoted mother expressing her love.

That sweater is unique. One of a kind. It can’t be replaced. Each strand was chosen with care. Each thread was selected with affection.

And though the sweater has lost all of its use, it has lost none of its value. It is valuable not because of its function, but because of its maker.

That must have been what the psalmist had in mind when he wrote, “you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Think on those words. You were knitted together. You aren’t an accident. You weren’t mass-produced. You aren’t an assembly-line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth by the Master Craftsman.

In a society that has little room for second fiddles, that’s good news . . . In a system that ranks the value of a human by the figures of his salary or the shape of her legs . . . let me tell you something: Jesus’ plan is a reason for joy! –THE APPLAUSE OF HEAVEN

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