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Living Love - Week of January 12

  • 2022 Jan 12

The Power to Love

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. 

Most of the world's religions are based on human effort. Some religions encourage editation and the repetition of mantras designed to free the mind of selfish desires. Other religions emphasize giving alms or repeating prayers or making a pilgrimage. But as Christians, we know that we can never do good and love others in our own power. We are morally flawed, and left to our own devices, we will be inwardly focused. We will seek our own happiness and not what is best for those around us.

Knowing the reality of our weaknesses, we can find great freedom in realizing that the key to becoming a loving person lies not with us but with God. It is God's love that we seek to share, not a love manufactured on our own. It is God's Spirit who pours love into us and enables us to give to others (see Romans 5:5). And it is Christ's life, death, and resurrection that give us a new perspective on life. That radical perspective focuses not on self but on our Creator. We have more than enough love to offer others because behind everything that exists in the universe is a personal God who loves us and wants to express his love through us.


Holy Spirit, I want to receive your love and express that love to others.

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