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Living Free - Apr. 19, 2007

  • 2007 Apr 19

Today's Scripture
Joshua said to the Israelites, "Come here and listen to the words of the LORD your God." Joshua 3:9 NLT

Thoughts for Today
Communication is a vital key to every relationship. And so it is with our relationship with Christ. Intimacy with God is not possible without communication.

When we pray, we talk to God. When we listen, God can talk to us. Unfortunately, most of us spend all our prayer time talking to him, never taking time to listen.

God speaks to us in various ways: Through the teaching of the Bible. Through "Scripture explosions." (This is when a verse literally jumps off the page and speaks to us.) He speaks through a "still, small voice" in our hearts and minds. And sometimes he speaks through other people or through circumstances - in these cases, the message will usually be a confirmation of what he's already told us.

Consider this ...
How do we know when we are hearing from God, not the enemy or even our own imaginations? First, God comes openly with peace, never causing fear, anxiety or guilt. Second, his message will always line up with Scripture and will build faith. And third, his message will result in more love and more power in our lives - not in confusion.

God loves you and wants to communicate with you. Learn to listen!

Prayer ...
Lord, teach me to hear your voice. Help me to talk less and listen more when I pray. Help me to hear clearly from you as I read the Bible. And throughout each day, help me to be more open to hearing you speak to me no matter what else I'm doing or where I am. Teach me to listen.

These thoughts adapted from ...                                                                   

A Passionate Pursuit of God by Dr. Mike Chapman shows you how to move into God's inner circle, how to listen for the voice of God, how to enjoy the freedom of worship, and how to embrace the mission of worship. This is the second study in the Abundant Living Series. This 45-minute format will accommodate groups with limited meeting times.



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