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Living Free - April 6, 2016

  • 2016 Apr 06

Today's Scripture

"… we stopped relying on ourselves and learned to rely on God …" - Romans 8:28 NLT

Thoughts for Today

Faith in Christ is the starting point for all the work God wants to do in us and through us. Every day we have opportunity to place our trust in people or things: spouses, children, employer, job, retirement fund, doctors … and on and on.

Although it is right that we build trusting relationships with people, it is vital that we trust God above anyone or anything else. First, because he told us to. Second, because he alone is totally trustworthy. People are people … we sometimes fail others. We break trust—sometimes by accident, sometimes intentionally. But God is not a person. God is God. He is perfect. He is love. We can always count on him.

We might place our trust for financial security in our job … or a retirement fund … or that raise we are expecting. God might work through some of these things to provide for us, but he and he alone is our source. Our trust must be in him.

Probably one of the easiest misplaced trust traps to fall into is trusting ourselves—especially when things are going well and our business or ministry or project is proving to be successful. That sense of pride can creep in. Look at what I've done. But all good gifts, all true successes, come from God. He is our source. If we begin to trust in ourselves, we will surely fall.

Consider this …

Do you have any areas of misplaced trust in your life? Ask God to reveal anywhere you are trusting in something or someone else—or yourself—instead of him. Seek his forgiveness and help in relying only on him.


Father, forgive me for sometimes placing my trust in people and things instead of relying only on you. Help me to remember that you are my hope … you are my source. Thank you that I can always trust in your love and provision. In Jesus' name …



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