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Do Trivialities Trump Life-and-Death Issues? - Love Worth Finding - April 24

Do Trivialities Trump Life-and-Death Issues?


How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge. Proverbs 1:22

A Greek statesman and orator named Demosthenes was once addressing a bored and listless audience, so he told them a story:

“Once there was a man struggling with a great load. Along came another man with a donkey and said, ‘Rent my donkey, and he'll carry your load.’ He did. Later, as they tried to find relief from the hot sun, they began to argue over who owned the donkey's shade.” 

At this point, Demosthenes walked off the stage. The audience became agitated, wanting to know how the argument was resolved. Demosthenes returned to the stage and said, "Earlier, I was talking about issues of life and death, and you were bored. But now you're all worked up about who owns the shade of a donkey!" 

Demosthenes’ audience was a simple-minded bunch. They tuned out issues of serious truth but were entranced with the trivial. In an age when we’re covered by trivia in our media, how about you?

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