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Your Strategy for 2019 - Love Worth Finding - December 31

Your Strategy for 2019


“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”John 15:11

Do you depend upon Jesus Christ? I mean totally depend upon Him? Here’s the way you can tell—are you resting in Him today?

You see, when you are totally committed to Jesus Christ, you rest in Him. You realize that for your every need, it is necessary for Him to supply it.

Have you ever looked at a branch? It has no other source of life than the vine. If you asked that branch, “What’s your secret for your healthy leaves and fruit?” the branch would answer, “My secret is that I’m resting in the vine.”

“But what about your needs?” you ask. 

“I know I have needs, but that’s not my responsibility. My response is to rest in the vine’s ability to provide. I don’t produce the fruit. I just bear it.” 

Are you resting in the Lord today? Will you choose to rest in Him for the next 365?

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