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What Do You Usually Pray About? - Love Worth Finding - June 30

What do you usually pray about?


For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10

Do you know what the most frequent prayer request is about? Physical healing.

“Pray for my aunt who’s a Christian—she’s about to die.” “Pray for my uncle. He’s saved, but he’s having heart surgery.”

But how many prayer meetings have you been to where people asked for prayer for their lost neighbor who is going to hell?

More often than not, we’re more interested in keeping the saints out of heaven than keeping the lost out of hell.

It’s not wrong to pray for our saved loved ones facing a crisis, but how much more urgent to pray for those who, if they died today, would go out into a dark, Christ-less eternity?

It’s not a tragedy to die and go to heaven. It is a tragedy to die and go to hell.

Friend, it’s time we elevated our prayers outside the physical realm of life into the spiritual realm.

Take a look at your prayer list today—where are the lost who need to be saved? What are you doing to help them find their way?

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