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Are You a Member of the 'Peace Corps'? - Love Worth Finding - March 8

Are you a member of the “Peace Corps”?


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

Several decades ago, you were really somebody if you joined the Peace Corps. But all this time later, between brothers and sisters around the world, how much peace has been established as a result?

Some people think Christians aren’t supposed to oppose anything, cause no trouble, and get along with everybody.

A professor in a liberal seminary was teaching exactly that: Christians are supposed to go along with everything because we're supposed to be peacemakers, not troublemakers. A student who knew his Bible said, “Professor, if we’re just supposed to be peacemakers in that sense and get along with everybody, how did Jesus manage to get Himself crucified?” Good question, isn't it?

Friend, I want to tell you, Satan and his kingdom will never be at peace with us, and we're not supposed to be at peace with them.

Do you know the best way to bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men? Introduce men, women, boys, and girls to Jesus Christ. That’s really the only way. Churches are filled every Sunday, yet where do people go during the week? Are they sharing God’s salvation story with the lost? It’s not your faithful church attendance that’s going to bring peace on earth, but your faithful sharing of the Gospel.

Jesus said His mission was not to be a diplomat, not to be a peacemaker, but to bring death to hatred, strife, and sin through His reconciling blood. There is no other way to a holy God but through the cross. Are you living like a child of God and telling others about Jesus?

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