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Are You Fair-Weather or Full-Out? - Love Worth Finding - May 7

Are you fair-weather or full-out?


If we believe not, yet He abides faithful: He cannot deny Himself.  2 Timothy 2:13

Are you a fair-weather Christian? There are some who, if their children get sick, or finances go south, or they get a bad report from the doctor, will stop tithing, stop praising, stop trusting. If somebody hurts their feelings, they stop going to church.

You can tell the commitment level of a Christian by their “fair weather” gauge. 

The test is, when everything goes wrong or doesn’t add up, what will you do? 

I’ll give you some hints. Keep giving. Keep praying. Keep praising. Keep witnessing. Keep worshipping. Think of three things you can do today to bring the light of God’s Son to someone who may be struggling with his or her faith. Then go do it!

“There are rare Christians whose very presence incites others to be better Christians. I want to be that rare Christian.”—A. W. Tozer. Don’t fail to be faithful. Want to find out how deep your faith is? Measure it in the dark. 

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