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Moments with You Couples Devotional 12/1

  • 2018 Dec 01


Quiet Down

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness to pray. Luke 5:16 

Did you know there are cultures in the world that don't have a word for "minute" or "hour"? They simply have no need or desire to measure time in such short increments. Nor do they attempt to maximize every second of every day. Filling their lives to the brink would be unthinkable.

Sound too third-worldish to you? Isn't it easy to see how such words are not necessary in places where people grow their own food and rarely venture beyond their own village?

I'm not suggesting that we all move into the woods and live off the land.

But I am encouraging you to consider the benefits of pulling the throttle back just a notch and embracing a more contemplative lifestyle. When you allow yourself time for creative solitude, you can see God at work and begin to rediscover life in all its richness. When you give yourself the necessary time and space to seek clarity, gain perspective and ponder decisions, you find more to savor, enjoy and appreciate.

As I reflect on these two different approaches to life—the rushed and the restful—I force myself to ask, How did Jesus live? Was He frantic or steady?

Was He checking the sundial every few minutes, wishing He could cut some time off His commute to the next city? Or was He able to stop and tend to the needs around Him?

Jesus had more pressure on Him than any of us can fathom. His own disciples were always peppering Him with questions. The Pharisees wanted Him dead. The crowds wanted Him king. Many pressed against Him, wanting to be healed.

Yet He got alone to pray. To think. To be strengthened. He sought His Father and enjoyed Him in the quiet moments of life.


What is one thing you could change in order to carve out more time to rest? Talk about how you use Sunday, the day of rest, as a couple.


Ask the Lord to start you on a serious six-month quest toward a quieter heart. Let Him show you what could be eliminated to open up time with Him. 

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