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New Life Daily Devotion - Apr. 28, 2010

  • 2010 Apr 28

Taking Our Time
Esther 2:12-14

We were entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character.

As we go about removing our defects, the pathway to recovery may seem very negative. It might be refreshing to discover that sometimes defects are removed as we lavish ourselves with good things.

The story of Esther is a kind of dream come true. The king needs a new queen. So he searches for the most beautiful girl in his kingdom. Esther is one of the girls selected as a candidate for this royal beauty contest. She was given a special menu of royal foods and was favored with beauty treatments. She was given a luxurious apartment with seven maids to take care of her. "Before each young woman was taken to the king's bed, she was given the prescribed twelve months of beauty treatments-six months with oil of myrrh, followed by six months with special perfumes and ointments. When it was time for her to go to the king's palace, she was given her choice of whatever clothing or jewelry she wanted to take from the harem" (Esther 2:12-13).

This sounds wonderful! Who wouldn't welcome getting the royal beauty treatment? Surely, all the girls were beautiful, but they all had defects. Notice that the beauty treatment took a whole year. They were also given choices of the items they wanted to enhance their natural beauty. When God sets out to remove our defects, he has plans to lavish us with good things. No matter how good we may look, all of us can use some help. And we need to realize that real transformations take time.

We gave time to our addictions; now we need to give time to our recovery.


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