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Parenting by Design - October 16

  • 2020 Oct 16

Stumbling Blocks

Romans 14:13: Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way (NIV). 

Our example has a huge impact on our kids. There are liberties we have as adults that we can enjoy because we have the experience and maturity to keep them in perspective. But, these same liberties may be a trap for our kids because they don't have the same experience and maturity. What was a freedom to you can turn into enslavement for a child who tries to emulate your behavior.

We may have to sacrifice some of our freedom because of our children's immaturity. We may rethink our choices about drinking, movies, and TV, and even the words we use, and modify our activities because we don't know the areas in which our kids might be prone to struggle. Until they can filter our actions through a more mature perspective, we may need to lovingly refrain from some of our liberties so that our actions will not become stumbling blocks to them.

Think about your example to your kids. Are they wise enough to copy everything you do?

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